How to get your baby to sleep

Although the saying goes "sleep like a baby", not all babies manage to get a restful sleep throughout the night. It is actually quite a common issue and some of the main reasons are irregular routines, hunger, discomfort and temperature fluctutations. The result? A tired baby and even more tired parents. Discover our tips on how to get your newborn to sleep!

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1. Create a routine and stick to it

(Baby) humans are creatures of habit and this means that shifts or changes in routine can influence their behaviour. Once you find a bedtime routine that works, try to stick to it (as long as it lasts!). The basics? Try to turn off the lights and noises at the same time, give your baby a warm bath, comfort them with cuddles and lullabies. Try every night to follow the exact order as the nights before, so that your baby doesn't experiences any major changes that could upset him or her.

2. The perfect set-up

Try your best to surround your baby with a calming and positive environment: soft colors, soothing sounds and dim lights will certainly help you if your baby experiences a restless sleep. Pro tip: give white noises a try!

3. Aim for a early bedtime

It's common knowledge that going to bed early is good for our physical and mental health, but especially for babies this is even more important. Keeping your baby awake longer don't necessarily means that they will fall asleep faster; actually it's quite the opposite. In fact, the longer they're awake, the more active, tense and restless they'll become, making bedtime even more dififcult. Try to put your baby to sleep when they start to get calmer and quiter. In this way, you'll reinforce your baby's internal clock.

4. The right temperature 

A common reason why newborns and babies don’t sleep well is them feeling too hot or too cold. This is caused by their small bodies' surfaces being about three times bigger than an adult's compared to the weight. Babies can also lose heat rapidly, as much as 4x quicker than adults. For that reason, babies start shivering during the night, but also easily overheat when wearing heavy and not breathable sleepwear. In fact, not all sleepwear is the same: make sure that your baby pyjamas are made with breathable, soft and warm fabrics that provide them the best possible sleep comfort. Discover here 4 things to look for when buying a baby sleepsuit.

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