Sleep tips pregnancy: causes and advices for insomnia during pregnacy

Pregnancy and nursing months are incredible times, however getting a good night's sleep is not always easy when carrying a tiny human inside you or when taking care of a (restless) newborn. Read more about the most common sleep issues and discover how to fight insomnia during pregnagncy with the right maternity pyjamas.

The sleeping position

A baby bumb does not exactly make sleep easier, especially when it comes to finding a comfortable sleeping position. Women who normally sleep on their backs and stomachs might actually encounter even more difficulties, since a side position is usually recommended. Moreover, if you tend to move a lot during the night, a growing belly can make movements even trickier, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. 

To prevent the uterus from pressing the liver, try to sleep on your left side. This position also supports a good flow of blood to the heart, fetus, uterus and kidneys. You can also try sleeping with a pillow between your legs or under your stomach and supporting your lower back with a small pillow. 

It's also important to make sure that the sleepwear you're wearing is not too tight and follows your body movements. Dagsmejan maternity pjs are designed not to constrict you and to fit to your changing body throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Digestive discomfort and nausea

Together with the most common morning sickness phases, when pregnant our digestive system slows down leading to food staying in our stomach and intestines longer, which can cause heartburn or constipation and consequently affect our sleep.

Always try to go for small meals during the day and a light dinner to avoid nausea preventing you from falling asleep. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and eat whole, healthy foods rich in fibres.

Backache and cramps

The extra weight carried during pregnancy can lead to pains in our back or legs, which can of course give us some sleep troubles and make us struggle also during the day. 

If cramps wake you up in the middle of the night, practice some soft stretching: press your feet against the wall or try standing on one leg. Stretching your calf muscles before going to bed can also prevent cramps. In agreement with your doctor, practice some low intensity physical activities designed for pregnant women.

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Nightsweats during pregnancy

During pregnancy our core body temperature is slightly elevated and the hormonal changes can cause effects similar to hot flashes. This doesn’t just affects women during pregnancy but also after giving birth, especially when breast-feeding. In fact, sleep as a new mum is not easy at all.

To fight overheating and night sweats caused by hormonal imbalances, try to keep the bedroom temperature low and wear temperature-regulating sleepwear. Avoid synthetic and heavy fabrics that don't allow your skin to breathe and opt instead for breathable and soft fibres that feels like a light second skin. Dagsmejan maternity nightwear is 4-8x more breathable than cotton, featherlight and offer exceptional moisture management for a better sleep, scientifically proven.

The perfect fit & nursing-friendly design

What to look for in maternity and nursing pyjamas? Especially during pregnancy or when nursing, it's essential to avoid pyjamas that have weird and uncomfy fits. Opt for sleepwear that hugs your body without restricting it, that it's bump-friendly and that adapts to your changing body and can be worn over several months. In addition to that, choose sleepwear that allows you to breastfeed without any constrictions. When purchasing a new pyjama, look for smart nursing-access that will make things easier once your baby is in your arms. Make also sure that the fabric of your nursing pyjama can be washed easily, otherwise breastmilk stains could be difficult to remove. 

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Enjoy the softness and the temperature management properties of Dagsmejan Balance maternity pyjamas during each month of your pregnancy until the end of nursing. Bump-friendly design and easy nursing-access tested and approved by over 30 real mums.