What to look for in maternity and nursing pyjamas?

Sleep during pregnancy and sleep as a new mum are not always a walk in the park. Even though not all the causes that make sleep difficult can be controlled, there are little tricks that can be implemented to improve our general sleep comfort. One of them is choosing carefully the maternity and nursing pjs that we wear during and after pregnancy. Discover what exactly to look for when shopping for the perfect pregnancy pyjamas:

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Temperature regulation properties

During and after pregnancy women are often affected by hormonal changes that can cause unpleasant temperature fluctuations such as postpartum chills and night sweats. These changes in temperature not only can wake us up during the night, but can also prevent us from reaching the deep sleep phase and consequently prevent us from resting properly. 

To keep the ideal temperature that helps you get the sleep you deserve during this important phase of your life and to avoid night sweats, treat yourself with maternity pyjamas made with smart fabrics that will maintain you in the perfect thermal zone all night long. This way you won't have to worry about being hot and cold at night.

Moisture management features

Another effect of the above-mentioned hormonal imbalances are night sweats, which are particularly common during pregnancy and whilst nursing. These episodes, similar to hot flashes,  can make getting a good night's sleep challenging, as the sweat can not only make us wake up in the middle of the night, but also make our pyjamas damp, preventing then us from falling back asleep.

When shopping for your new piece of maternity sleepwear, make sure that not only the fabric is soft, breathable, and has moisture management properties that can quickly transport moisture away from your skin, but also that there are no scratchy tags and seams that can compromise your rest.

Ideal fit and comfort

Sleepwear should always be extremely comfortable, but this becomes even more important during pregnancy and nursing. As the body changes and the belly grows, it gets more difficult to find the right sleeping position. Moreover, not all maternity sleepwear is developed to make nursing easy and effortless.

Choose maternity and nursing pyjamas made with smart fabrics that grow with you, are bump-friendly and are provided with a easy nursing access.

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