Always keep a comfortable temperature in bed

The Jungfrau Zeitung writes about Dagsmejan, our merino wool pyjamas and how we can sleep better.

"Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhofer are the founders of the Swedish-Swiss company, which currently presents its collection as shop-in-shop in the Hästens Store Bern. "Functional clothing has long since established itself in the sports sector," says the entrepreneur with Swedish roots. Dagsmejan sees sleep - just like Hästens - as something holistic, which is why all layers should be coordinated, including the clothes that come closest to the skin during the night. "If the temperature fluctuates too much, we wake up, sometimes sweating," Andreas Lenzhofer knows from sleep research, which his company is pushing forward together with various universities and colleges. Merino wool or treated beech wood fibres help to keep the bed climate constantly pleasant. This contributes to the fact that we start the day with additional energy, according to the meaning of the words 'Dag' and 'Mejan'".

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