Best cooling pyjamas

NY mag is reviewing the best pyjamas for night sweats and are highlighting Dagsmejan Stay Cool pyjamas as one of their absolute favorites!

"A few months back I had an opportunity to test a set of cozy pyjamas from Dagsmejan’s Balance line, which are meant for temperature regulation, but not cooling specifically. I was impressed with how cool they kept me, so I was excited to try the sleep dress from their Stay Cool collection, which is made of breathable, quick-drying eucalyptus fibers. Like the Soma pyjamas, the dress felt cool to the touch, and that pleasant chiliness didn’t dissipate over the night. The feel is somewhere between Soma’s softness and Sheex’s spandexy gym-readiness. With a V-neck and asymmetric hemline the dress is actually kind of sexy, while still being comfy for sleeping."

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