Best for recovery

Forbes highlights how Dagsmejan's temperature regulating sleepwear help us to sleep deeper and longer: 

"Best for recovery: Dagsmejan temperature-controlled sleepwear

And last but not least, let’s not forget about the best apparel for resting in after your workout, too. These pyjamas are scientifically made to help you sleep better thanks to the high tech fabric that is used. 

Made by Dagsmejan, they have apparently taken insights from high-performance sportswear and have been adapted to the body’s physiological sleep needs "with the help of sleep science and research to offer innovative benefits never seen in the sleep industry before”.

The company says it has done this by working with Empa, the Swiss federal institution for innovation in materials and science, to ensure that the fiber mix and construction of the garment meets the body’s needs during sleep.

While that’s a bold claim, I have to admit that these pjs are seriously the most comfortable items of clothing I’ve ever worn for bed. They are super light and soft, even after a good few washes, so whether the science that has done into designing them works or not, I’m sold."

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