Best pyjama set for personalised comfort

The Sun put Dagsmejan to the test looking for the best men's pyjamas:

"Personalised pyjamas can also mean they are customised to suit your sleep needs

Dagsmejan pride themselves on making sure every customer has a restful night's sleep because of their unique Swedish designs and Swiss textile engineering - did we mention they are a sustainable brand too?

The Balance Pyjama collection are made from innovative sleep technology, which works to moderate your temperature as it will keep you warm without overheating or sweating and cool you down.

The material is soft to the touch, lightweight, absorbent and is six times more breathable than cotton, while the seams are purposefully moved to the front of the body to ensure nothing irritates the skin, which could disrupt anyone's sleep pattern."

 Personalised pyjamas can also mean they are customised to suit your sleep needs

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Discover the most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Find the collection that best matches your sleep needs and discover what optimal night comfort feels like.

Balance: the best pyjamas for night sweats

Hot and cold at night? With these moisture wicking pyjamas you will keep the best temperature for sleep. 6x more breathable than cotton they are 4x better at regulating moisture. 

Stay cool: pyjamas that keep you cool 

Too hot to sleep? 8x more breathable than cotton this collection of cooling sleepwear will make sure you don't overheat even as the temperature rises

Stay warm: the best thermal pyjamas

Cold at night? Dagsmejan's collection of merino pyjamas provide ultra-light, breathable warmth to keep you cozy warm without ever overheating

Recovery: performance sleepwear for optimal recovery

If you want to boost your muscle recovery then Dagsmejan's recovery sleepwear is your ideal match

Relaxwear: merino wool loungewear 

Create your cozy cocoon with Dagsmejan's merino loungewear, guaranteed to put you at ease straight away