Best pyjamas for women

Find out why Town & Country is highlighting Dagsmejan as one of the best pyjamas for women.

"Whether you run too hot or too cold in bed, Dagsmejan has a pair of pyjamas for you. They offer both Stay Warm and Stay Cool collections, as well as a Balance collection. Sets from the Balance collection, like the ice blue set here, are designed with temperature regulating technology so that you can rest easy at your perfect temp." 

Dagsmejan —the world's most comfortable pyjamas

If you are looking for supreme sleep comfort then Dagsmejan is your answer. Find your match to keep you sleeping soundly all year around. 

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The Stay Warm Collection — featherlight thermal pyjamas

For cozy, breathable warmth turn to merino pyjamas. Our blend of super fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres will keep you as warm as other fabrics up to 50% heavier whilst making sure that you never overheat. For women you can choose between wool nightgown or different merino pyjamas for women. The men's merino pyjamas has both full length styles as well as shorts and t-shirts.

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Merino wool pajamas

The Balance Collection – best pyjamas for night sweats

Sweating while sleeping? Then turn to this collection of sweat wicking pyjamas. 6x more breathable than cotton the Balance collection of temperature regulating pyjamas offers unrivalled moisture management. Making it ideal as well as the best menopause pyjamas.

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The Stay cool collection— the best cooling pyjamas for men and women

Getting hot at night? Then the Stay cool collection of moisture wicking pyjamas is your match made in heaven. It's not only 8x more breathable than cotton but also dries in 1/3 of the time. 

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