Dagsmejan sleepwear finds a natural home in the spa

Europan Spa magazine highlights how Dagsmejan's super comfortable sleepwear finds it natural home in the spa.

"Swiss-developed and Swedish-designed sleepwear brand Dagsmejan is expanding it’s network of spa partners across Europe.

The company’s range of thermo-regulating sleepwear, which is scientifically proven to improve sleep health, is now incorporated int the wellness offer art renowned European destinations including Grand Hotel Kul, St Mortiz; Beua-Rivage Place, Lausanne and Lanserhof, Tengernsee in Germany. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland also includes Dagsmejan products as part of its bespoke Sleep Programs

The company’s five collections for men and women target different concerns, including: stay cool, stay warm, relaxwear and balance. Its new recovery collection uses and innovative Nattrecover fabric, mad from 100% microlyocell, natural micro-fibre that comes from eucalyptus. This is combined with heat-activated energizing minerals that recycle excess body heat released during sleep, converting it into natural far infrared energy. This increases the level of oxygen ant nutrients in the blood, reaching muscles and tissues to aid the body’s recovery and regenerations process."

The most comfortable pajamas in the world

The most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Find out why Dagsmejan has been called the most comfortable pyjamas in the world and discover how you can sleep better. Each of Dagsmejan's collections targets a particular physiological sleep need, find your ideal match below: 

comfortable sleepwear

Balance — temperature regulating pyjamas

Hot and cold at night? Then the Balance collection is your ideal bed companion to keep you in the ideal climatic comfort zone. 6x more breathable than cotton this collection of moisture wicking pyjamas of also the best pyjamas for night sweats.

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Stay warm —merino wool pyjamas

Merino wool makes for the best thermal pyjamas, 4x more breathable than cotton this collection is still as warming as other fabrics up to 50% heavier. The result? You stay comfortably warm without ever overheating. 

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Stay cool — cooling pyjamas

8x more breathable than cotton this collection of cooling sleepwear also dries in 1/3 of the time. With a combination of moisture wicking abilities and evaporative cooling you stay comfortably cool even when the temperature rises. 

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Recovery – performance sleepwear

Support your muscle recovery during the night with Dagsmejan's performance sleepwear combining eucalyptus fibres with minerals to boost your regeneration.

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Relaxwear —super fine merino wool loungewear

Relax in comfort and style with super soft merino wool loungewear. Warm, breathable and cozy

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