Gifts for men: items to splurge on this year!

This article from Men's Journal discusses the best gifts for men in 2021 and highlighted Dagsmejan’s Balance Men’s Long Sleeve in the roundup as a “wow factor” gift that’s worth splurging on.

"This ethically made technical sleepwear is developed and tested by scientists. The brand's newest release is said to help men fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer due to its trademarked NATTWELL fabric, which is six times more breathable than cotton and twice as soft. But don't just trust us when we say these thermo-regulating pyjamas mean business, trust the 98% of customers who would recommend this product to a friend." 

breathable sleepwear

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Balance - lightweight, breathable and exceptionally soft. 

If you want to keep the best temperature for sleep and avoid being hot and cold at night this collection of moisture wicking pyjamas is the ideal match for you.