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Find out why Yahoo news are highlights Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas as the most sustainable pyjamas

"Blockchain technology now plays a role in materials made by Dagsmejan, the Swedish-Swiss sustainable sleepwear company, as it recently integrated Nativa, a 100 percent traceable merino wool, into its Stay Warm collection — just in time for the cooler and crisper days ahead.

Traceable “from fiber to sleep,” the mulesing-free, certified merino wool used in its high-performing Nattwarm sleepwear fabrics is next level: With Nativa, all production steps are recorded on a blockchain to ensure a “100 percent traceable journey.” Nativa is a yarn developed by Chargeurs Luxury Materials, and the firm said it is the first global wool brand to provide blockchain traceability from farm to consumer.

Catarina Dahlin, chief executive officer of Dagsmejan, said the brand “is committed to highest standards when it comes to sustainable and ethical production, and we are very proud that with this partnership with Nativa we can go one step further to provide full transparency and traceability to our customers when it comes to the welfare of the sheep giving the wool for our Stay Warm collection.”

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Find the sustainable and ethical pyjamas that will help you to sleep better. 

Thermal pyjamas give feather light, breathable warmth

With Nativa 100% traceable merino wool you can sleep better with Dagsmejan's thermal pyjamas. Don't worry about being cold at night, with merino pyjamas you sleep comfortably warm without overheating. 

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Cooling pyjamas

How to stay cool at night? Experience the cooling power of NATTCOOL™, 8x more cooling than cotton.  Discover our cooling nightgown and cooling pyjamas for ladies  and don't miss the best men's cooling pyjamas

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The best moisture wicking pyjamas

Sweating in sleep? Find out why Dagsmejan Balance has been called the best pyjamas for night sweats. Made of  beechwood fibres you can enjoy the softest, sustainable sleep comfort. 

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Performance sleepwear for optimal recovery

A potent combination of minerals and a 100% natural fabric based on eucalyptus make Dagsmejan's recovery sleepwear not only the ideal athletic recovery sleepwear but also a great option for anyone looking to sleep better.

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