Improving the quality and length of your sleep!

Find out why The Daily Struggle, a online magazine focusing on health, wellbeing, fitness & beauty, believes that Dagsmejan is the most comfortable pyjamas in the world

"Best for quality – Dagsmejan

Dagsmejan is a high tech sleepwear brand which is scientifically proven to keep you at your optimum temperature throughout the night, improving both the quality and length of your sleep! I’d recommend their super cosy Stay Warm Collection which is made with a luxurious blend of the finest merino wool and Lyocell from Eucalyptus, perfect for keeping warm while working from home, loungeing and sleep. And for the warmer nights, check out their Stay Cool Collection, 8 times more breathable than cotton, perfect for Spring and Summer." 


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Discover what makes Dagsmejan the most comfortable sleepwear in the world

Dagsmejan sleepwear is developed to meet your individual sleep needs, find your ideal companion in bed. 

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Cooling pyjamas

Our collection of cooling pyjamas will keep you comfortable even when the temperature rises, being 8x more breathable than cotton. 

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Temperature regulating and breathable sleepwear

Hot and cold at night? Our Balance pyjamas will help you to keep the best temperature for sleep, every night and it's also the best pyjamas for night sweats.

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Thermal pyjamas for lightweight warmth

4x more breathable than cotton this collection of merino pyjamas will keep you comfortably warm without ever overheating.

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