Introducing a breakthrough range of sleepwear

Medium writes about why Dagsmejan's thermal pyjamas is creating a breakthrough in sleepwear:

Reinventing Sleepwear — Swiss Sleep Brand Dagsmejan Enters the U.S. Market

Tony Bowles
Tony Bowles
Sep 10 · 2 min read

Last week, innovative Swiss-Swedish sleepwear brand Dagsmejanannounced its launch into the U.S. market. Introducing a breakthrough range of sleepwear for both men and women, Dagsmejan products are crafted with ultra-soft all natural fibers scientifically proven to help our bodies maintain the optimal temperature for sleep, beat night sweats, and enjoy absolute sleep comfort.

Though we spend a third of our lives in bed, the traditional pyjama has historically been one of the least functional of all garments. Pulling inspiration and innovation from high performance sportswear and adapting them to the body’s physiological sleep needs, Dagsmejan — together with their leading partners in sleep research, material science and textile engineering — has reinvented sleepwear.

While many factors influence our sleep such as what we eat, our exercise habits, ambient temperature, hormonal changes and even our dreams, keeping our bodies in the right climatic zone throughout the night is paramount to sleep success. When our temperature fluctuates, our deep sleep phases in particular suffer, and as a result we either wake up, or don’t enjoy the high quality sleep we need and deserve.

The Dagsmejan sleepwear collections feature men’s and women’s pyjamas with product ranging in price from $74.90 — $129.90 and sizes from small — 2XL. Designs ensure the perfect fit that’s not too tight and not too loose, doesn’t twist around your body when you roll, and avoids pressure points by incorporating flat seams, tagless design, soft elastic waistbands, and natural stretch so nothing is rubbing you the wrong way.

All sleepwear is developed in Switzerland and meets the highest Swiss quality requirements, with production carried out entirely in Europe to follow Oekotex standards.