Relief from the menopause night sweats

Top Santé, the UK magazine for women interested in health, beauty and well-being, shortlists Dagsmejan as one of their top choice to ease menopause symptoms. 

As sleep can be troublesome during perimenopause and even after menopause, thanks to fluctuating hormones, night sweats, anxiety and more, Top Santé highly recommends Dagsmejan for its light and breathable fabric:

"Say goodbye to hot, sticky nights with Dagsmejan. The light fabric helps prevent overheating, so night sweats are less of a problem. Unlike standard cotton pyjamas, the fabric of these pieces is more breathable and able to adapt to your body's changes in temperature."

Although what you wear can't change what's going on inside your body during menopause, it can go some way towards keeping you comfortable. 

Find the full online article here, as well as the print edition below:

Dagsmejan featured in Top Santé September 2021

Discover the best nightwear to help ease hot flushes during menopause

8/10 menopausal women experience hot flushes, so it’s pretty common. Overheating at night can really decrease our quality of sleep, as we wake up sweating or shivering cold after the hot flush has passed. 

Dagsmejan menopause pyjamas are ideal to help you moderate the impact of hot flushes and sleep deeper and longer. Its fabric is highly breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin 4x faster than cotton.

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