Restorative sleep is the key to our health and performance

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"Swiss high-tex company Dagsmejan from St. Gallen has tackled this subject to develop the ideal sleepwear.

Textile technology, the latest findings from sleep research and the finest natural fibres combine in the secret of Swiss textile brand Dagsmejan. It offers well-fitting sleepwear optimally adjusted to the needs of our sleeping bodies to help us sleep for longer and more deeply. This innovative concept has led to a nomination of Dagsmejan for this year’s Design Prize Switzerland.


The founding of Dagsmejan was inspired by modern sports clothing. «No one would run a marathon in a cotton t-shirt anymore,» says Andreas Lenzhofer, co-founder of Dagsmejan. «And we wear three layers that harmonise as a system when we go skiing.» Catarina Dahlin, co-founder of Dagsmejan, adds: «The traditional pyjamas are an entirely different matter. Even though we spend about one third of our lives in bed, there has hardly been any innovation there at all in the last 40 years.»


Dahlin and Lenzhofer cooperated with material scientists from Empa (Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science and Technology), textile ergonomics specialists from the University of Lucerne and sleep scientists from Stockholm University when developing their sleepwear. Temperature changes are a central instrument of our circadian system to control the sleep cycle. This means that our bodies react very sensitively if they drop out of their climate comfort zone and become hot and cold at night. Developed based on natural fibres, Dagsmejan sleepwear optimally supports our natural thermoregulation. Individual preferences can be considered and the right sleepwear for any country travelled to can be found in Dagsmejan’s three product lines: Balance, Stay Warm and Stay Cool – the ideal travel pyjamas to any destination.

Sleep better when travelling

Arrive at the other side of the world well-rested. It’s no problem at all if you follow the advice of the Dagsmejan sleeping pros:

  1. Choice of flight: adjust your flights with your natural sleep cycle.
  2. Food and drink: have light and small meals during your travel and avoid alcohol.
  3. Selection of the hotel and room: calm location, a room that can be darkened entirely, adjustable temperature.
  4. Sleeping system: bring along your own sleep kit – sleepwear by Dagsmejan, your own pillow, topper.
  1. Sleeping routine: good sleep should be a priority; stick to your rhythm.

Best travel pajamas

best travel pajamas