Secret weapon for a truly regenerative sleep

Luxuriate recommends Dagsmejan Recovery Sleepwear as your secret weapon for a truly regenerative sleep. 

"So we have found the new secret weapon for a truly regenerative sleep. This rather sexy and super comfortable sleepwear range features Tshirts and shorts that help muscles recover faster from the gym and sport. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and sleep plays a critical role in athletic performance. The brand new Recovery Sleepwear features NATTRECOVER™, a fabric technology that is scientifically proven to help muscles recover faster.

But how does it work?! Well, the responsive minerals used in NATTRECOVER™ recycle excess body heat which is released naturally during sleep, transforming it into far infrared energy and redirecting it back towards the body. This increases the level of oxygen and nutrients in the blood reaching muscles and tissues, aiding and enhancing the body’s regeneration process and enhancing muscle recovery power. Wow."

Recovery sleepwear

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