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The Sourcing Journal highlights Dagsmejan's sustainable pyjamas and the efforts we make to ensure a full  traceability from fibre to sleep:

"Bringing sophisticated retail tech solutions into the fight for traceability, Dagsmejan, a Swiss-Swedish functional sleep and loungewear brand, announced this month that it would use blockchain technology to drive transparency to its latest line.

The brand’s new Stay Warm collection of sustainable sleepwear will be made with 100 percent traceable Nativa merino wool, co-founder Andreas Lenzhofer said, and will use the company’s existing blockchain platform to extend supply-chain visibility “from fiber to bed.”

Dagsmejan lounge and sleepwear is made from traceable merino wool.

Dagsmejan lounge and sleepwear is made from traceable merino wool.

“The blockchain platform allows all the Nativa-certified partners in the value chain to collaborate and provide information concerning the wool transformations directly,” he said. Certified users can log data concerning production operations in the form of text-based “traces,” which are automatically linked together using an algorithm that incorporates internal production codes like purchase order numbers, combing and spinning numbers, lot numbers and more into the blockchain.

“Current traceability systems are largely based on paper-based certification paths,” Lenzhofer said, and on disconnected outside systems that monitor the product chain. The new system, in cooperation with Nativa, goes “one step further,” offering customers the “highest transparency, and a full audit trail on wool origin.”

“The new procedure creates a digital trail that significantly improves the reliability of traceability and offers full transparency over the entire production chain,” he added, “starting from the farm where our merino sheep are living, till the moment when our garments reach the doorstep of our customers.”

Dagsmejan uses certified, mulesing-free merino wools.

Dagsmejan uses certified, mulesing-free merino wools.

Ensuring consumers of the animals’ welfare is the primary goal behind these efforts, Lenzhofer said. The Dagsmejan brand uses certified merino wool for its products, and rejects the process of mulesing, wherein strips of skin are cut from a live animal’s hind quarters to reduce the risk of parasitic infection by flies.

“We definitively see a rising awareness and interest from consumers on the whole journey from fiber to garment,” he added. “As a value driven firm with a purpose and strong commitment to sustainability, we see it as our duty and our promise to constantly search for new ways how to make earth a better place.”

Dagsmejan also seeks to elevate consumer understanding of sustainable supply chains by providing a step-by-step look into the phases of its production process on its e-commerce site.

“For each collection, and thereby each garment, you can follow the different steps taken,” Lenzhofer said. “We see it as part of our mission to help form consumer understanding for what sustainability really means and build the knowledge for informed choices when making purchase decisions.”

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