The Perfect Pyjama

Town and Country recommends Dagsmejan as the best pyjamas for women and men who love to ski.

"There are no better pyjamas out there that you’d want to spend one third of your life in. Available for men and women in a variety of style across four distinct collections: Balance, Stay Warm, Stay Cool, and Relaxwear."

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Best gift for skiers

Best christmas gift for skieers

Discover the most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Find out why Dagsmejan has been named the most comfortable sleepwear and how you can sleep better by keeping the ideal sleeping temperature night by night. Find your individual match.

Stay warm

Cold at night? Then this collection of super- fine merino pyjamas is your match. 4x more breathable than cotton they provide a super-soft, feather light warmth. Discover the most luxurious sleep comfort.

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thermal pajamas


Hot and cold at night? Keep the best temperature thanks to a combination of beechwood and patented sleep technology. 6x more breathable than cotton, this collection of temperature regulating pyjamas is 4x better at regulating moisture. That makes it the best pyjamas for night sweats.

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Stay cool

Too hot to sleep? Then this super-smooth collection of cooling pyjamas is the ideal match for you. Based on eucalyptus fibres this fabric is 8x more breathable than cotton and softer than silk.

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Cooling pajamas


Super fine merino wool loungewear is your ideal companion for a cozy day. Discover our wool loungewear for women and mens warm loungewear.

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