The sleep tech taking on the insomnia crisis

Find out why Health Tech World enhance Dagsmejan as one way to solve the insomnia crisis. 

"Developed and engineered in Switzerland in cooperation with sleep experts and universities, Dagsmejan sleepwear is designed to improve sleep quality and target specific physiological sleep needs.

Dagsmejan has four patented eco-friendly materials designed to help wearers stay thermo-neutral.

Dagsmejan CEO and co-founder, Andreas Lenzhofer, said:

“At Dagsmejan we are on a mission to find new ways of sleeping deeper and longer.

“By combining the finest natural fibres, with the latest sleep technology and innovative textile engineering, we are creating a brand new sleeping experience.”

The product range includes the Recovery Collection, made with reactive mineral fabric that promotes increased blood flow to muscles, enhancing muscle recovery.

And the Stay Warm Collection, made from super-fine fibres transport excess heat away from the body.

Andreas added:

“From concept to finished goods, every step of the way is scientifically researched and tested.

“Dagsmejan sleepwear is also Oekotex certified to ensure that we take care of not only our customers but also the environment.”

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Sleepwear designed to help you sleep better

Dagsmejan was developed and design to aid your sleep comfort and quality. That's what makes it the world' most comfortable pyjamas. Discover which collection that is your ideal match. 

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Merino wool pajamas

Stay warm pyjamas

With a luxurious blend of merino wool and eucalyptus fibres the stay warm collection offer the best choice of thermal pyamas : stay cozy warm without ever overheating. Ideal all year around this collection is particularly popular as winter pyjamas for women and men. 

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Balance pajamas

Are you sometimes hot and sometimes cold at night? Struggling with sweating while sleeping? Then look no further, the balance collection is the best pyjamas for night sweats. Super soft, 6x more breathable than cotton and with 4x better moisture management than cotton this really is the best pyjamas for hot flashes as well. 

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most comfortable pajamas

Dagsmejan also offers a cooling collection:

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As well as recovery sleepwear