These Pyjamas Will Help You Sleep Better When Traveling

Departures recommends Dagsmejan as the ideal travel pyjamas:

"A Swiss brand created the ultimate shut-eye inducing sleepwear.

You would think staying in a five-star hotel would be the perfect place to get some much-needed shut-eye. The problem is no matter how high the thread count, you still find yourself staring at the clock at 1 a.m. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, including jet lag, the use of electronics, and something called “first-night effect” where your brain has a hard time shutting off in a new place. 

While experts will advise exposing your body to sunlight and shutting off your phone to avoid a restless night, there is a straightforward fix: owning a pair of Dagsmejan pyjamas. The Swiss sleepwear brand, which is making it’s U.S. debut next week, was created with leading partners from sleep research, material science, and textile engineering to create a line that helps you get a good night’s rest. 

How? By taking insights from high-performance sportswear and adapting them to our body’s physiological sleep needs. So, Dagsmejan uses natural fibers that are scientifically proven to help you maintain the best temperature for sleep and beat night sweats. Plus, after studying body sleep patterns, they came up with optimal sizing that’s not too tight or too loose and does not twist around your body when you roll. 

 According to the company’s research, their pyjamas regulate heat 20 percent better than cotton, are four times better than cotton at whisking sweat off the skin without feeling wet, and are two times as soft as cotton pyjamas with low fiber rigidity. And the minimum number of flat seams, tagless design, soft elastic waistbands, and a natural stretch avoids pressure points makes sure nothing is rubbing you the wrong way.

“Dagsmejan offers something truly unique,” Catarina Dahlin, Co-Founder, and CEO of Dagsmejan, said in a statement. “Based on our research of nightly temperature shifts and sweat patterns as well as sleep position and movements, we have been able to design a unique range of clothing optimized for sleep comfort.”