Better sleep, better life, better planet– World sleep day 2020

This year’s theme for the world sleep day 2020 is Better sleep. Better life. Better planet. Sleeping better not only impacts our nights but also our days regardless of where on this planet we live. The level of sleep quality differs from country to country but one thing is true across the globe—we don’t sleep enough and aren’t enjoying the restorative sleep we need and deserve.

How well are we sleeping?

In 2019 Philips made a Global Sleep Survey which was answered by 11,000 adults from 12 countries. This survey is showing clearly that across the world we are experiencing a sleep problem that needs to be addressed. 

Over 60% of adults don’t sleep well and 80% say that they want to sleep better.

Of the recommended 8 hours per night we on average only sleep 6.8 hours on weekdays. Missing out on 1-2 hours a sleep per night can impact our motor and cognitive functions in the same ways as not sleeping for a full day or two.

49% of people don’t feel that they get enough sleep.

There is a clear link between sleep and health, sleep deprivation can cause long-term health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems and a weakened immune defence. But there are actions we can take to turn the trend and to start to sleep better.

how to sleep better

Source: Rancour

How to sleep better

By making some changes to our routines and habits we can make a big difference to our sleep quality and thereby life quality. It’s important to approach your sleep in both a holistic and personal way to find a solution that works for you. By reviewing 6 different areas—food & drink, movement, stress, habits , bedroom, health— you can try to make some changes step by step to find what works for you.

Read our guide with 20 tips on how to sleep better

What does Better sleep and better life mean to Dagsmejan?

At Dagsmejan we don’t consider ourselves a sleepwear company but rather a sleep company. Our mission is to help to improve our sleep with the help of what is closest to our skin during a third of our lives — our pyjamas.

That’s why we have developed different collections based on your physiological sleep needs so that you can find a sleep solution that works for you.

We have 3 collections that are based on thermoregulation, enabling you to keep the best temperature for sleep without night sweats. Around a third of people have a tendency to overheat during the night and around a quarter tend to get cold, many are also both hot and cold at night. Ambient temperature and season can of course also impact and create new sleep challenges. During the night we are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations and sweating while sleeping decrease our sleep quality, with Dagsmejan you can stay longer in the ideal climatic comfort zone for a deeper and longer sleep. Find your personal sleep solution

  • Balance: ideal if you are hot then cold at night and what to keep the best temperature for sleep. This collection combine beechwood fibres with patented sleep technology in a moisture wicking pyjamas that also cools you down through evaporative cooling.
  • Stay warm: if you are looking for breathable warmth without overheating this is the ideal thermal pyjamas for you. With a combination of merino wool and Tencel from eucalyptus this merino pyjamas will keep you as warm as other sleepwear up to 50% heavier.
  • Stay cool: keep you cool even as the temperature rises with this cooling pyjamas. Ideal as a summer pyjamas this collection is 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in 1/3 of the time.

At Dagsmejan we now also introduced our fourth sleepwear collection —Recovery. By combining mineral print with an all­-natural fabric we can harness the natural energy from our bodies to improve the muscle recovery. Discover what high performance sleepwear can do for you with this smart pyjamas.

How about a better planet?

We are not only passionate about sleeping better but doing so in a natural, sustainable and ethical way. All of our fabrics and tested by independent testing institutions to ensure that all claims are confirmed scientifically.

Our production takes place in Europe with partners that are committed to the wellbeing and fair treatment of all of the workers as well as a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process.

We use the finest natural fibres that are more sustainable than other natural and synthetic alternatives including cotton and polyester. Read more about the natural and sustainable fibres used in our collections;

  • The Balance collection: beechwood fibre and patented technology join forces to ensure you keep the ideal sleeping temperature
  • The Stay warm collection: mulesing free merino wool and Tencel from Eucalyptus are used to ensure that you stay warm but never overheat
  • The Stay cool collection: Micro Tencel from Eucalyptus make even excessive sweating at night bearable and keep you cool as the temperature rises
  • The Recovery collection: a mineral print is applied to an all-natural fabric giving it breakthrough abilities to enhance muscle recovery

how to get a good night sleep

By making some small changes to our habits we can make big difference to our sleep quality, life quality and our planet. Join us and discover what Dagsmejan can do for you