Get your last-minute sleep essentials at Zurich Airport

Jetting off to your summer holiday destination? Take Dagsmejan with you! Stop by our pop-up store at Zurich Airport (Airside) and grab your sleepwear essentials for restful vacation nights. Relax in our comfy sleepwear sets and get your nightly dose of beauty sleep with our silky soft sleep masks.

Meet us at Zurich Airport

Come visit our pop-up store at Zurich Airport before you hop on board! We are located in the Passenger Area (Airside) right next to the Duty Free store on the 2nd floor.

Dates: 20th July – 16th August

Opening hours: 6.00-22.00

See you there!

Keep reading to see why it’s important to prepare for all your holiday adventures with the right sleep essentials.

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Poor sleep quality while on vacation

Sleeping in a new environment can be challenging for the body. We find it especially tricky to get enough sleep on the first night we spend in a new location. This phenomenon has even been documented by scientists and has been given its own name: the first night effect. It is suspected that this effect is linked to the body’s survival instinct. Since we are in an unfamiliar setting, our brain wants to stay awake and alert for protection purposes.  

We can fall victim to this effect regardless of how nice our hotel is. Our body is not used to the sleeping conditions in the new environment yet and needs to adapt first. As a consequence, falling and staying asleep can prove to be difficult – even if you’re experiencing jet lag and are super tired. We know how frustrating it is to lie awake at 3am when we’ve got an exciting day of exploring scheduled for the next day!

Importance of sleep during holidays

Going on holiday is one of our favourite things – like, ever. But in order to enjoy them to the fullest we need to get a good night’s sleep. Not getting enough sleep can have negative effects both on physical and mental well-being. Sleep deprivation while travelling can lead to an increased level of irritability and decrease the amount of energy we have during the day. All these consequences can make it hard to fully enjoy your time off - and that’s the last thing we want.

Uncomfortable hotel room bedding

Have you ever stayed in a hotel room with weird bedding? Sometimes the bedsheets can be rather scratchy, the thickness of the duvet doesn’t feel right or the hotel only provides a thin top sheet. What seems like minor inconveniences can actually have serious effects on our sleep quality. Sleeping in bedding that is inappropriate for your needs can make you feel hot and cold all night. Having a suboptimal bedding situation can therefore not only affect how comfortable you feel, but also influence the thermoregulation of your body. When we sweat under the sheets, the fabric will absorb the moisture, making the bedding wet and causing us to sleep in a damp environment. These changes in temperature can disrupt our sleep, ultimately leading to bad sleep quality. And no one likes waking up sweating in the morning – especially when we’re on holiday!

The A/C chills

When we go on holiday, we often choose destinations with hot climates. In those places, it is common to use air conditioning –also during the night when we’re sleeping. Remember all the times you’ve woken up in the middle of the night because the A/C had turned your hotel room into an ice box? Unsurprisingly, researchers have discovered that A/C can negatively affect sleep quality. Having the ideal sleep temperature is extremely important to achieve deep, restorative sleep. That’s why it’s necessary to be prepared to deal with unfamiliar sleeping conditions.

Find out more about how to keep the best sleep temperature.

Too bright to fall asleep

Going on a city trip to a bustling metropolis is all fun and games - until you lay awake at night because your room is too bright, despite the drawn curtains. Especially for light-sensitive sleepers this can cause a disruption to our sleep cycle – making it harder to fall asleep initially and waking us up at the crack of dawn.

Avoid restless nights on holiday

Want to combat uncomfortable bedsheets and hotel rooms with the wrong temperature? No need to suffer from hot and cold body temperature swings at night. There’s a simple solution: choose the right travel pyjamas! And not just any kind, but temperature regulating sleepwear. Having the right summer sleepwear ensures that your body is not negatively affected by temperature changes in the environment.

Dagsmejan Stay Cool collection combines cooling eucalyptus fibres with NATTCOOL™ technology to provide the ultimate cooling night comfort. How?

  • 8x more breathable than cotton
  • Dries 3x faster
  • 2x softer than cotton
  • Super light, so it can easily fit in your carry on!

Get the best of both worlds: Dagsmejan summer pyjamas have been designed to both avoid heat build-up and to help you cool down if your temperature rises:

  • Avoid heat build-up: Lightweight and extraordinarily breathable, Dagsmejan cooling sleepwear prevents heat to build up. If you get too hot, excess heat is released through the fabric.
  • Cool down: Dagsmejan summer Pjs work on 2 levels to keep you comfortably cool and dry. If you do start to sweat, the moisture will be stored in the core of the fibre and will gradually be released into the environment - thereby cooling you down with evaporative cooling.

Still looking for a solution for bright hotel rooms?

We’ve got you covered. Literally. By using a sleep mask, you can block out the light that is keeping you from your precious beauty sleep.

We at Dagsmejan have developed multiple designs of light-blocking sleep masks, accommodating your individual needs. Whether you’re simply looking for a cooling sleep mask or a super-effective black-out sleep mask with innovative design, you’ll find it with us. By using our NATTCOOL SLEEP TECH technology and silk filling, we have managed to make them:

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Super soft

Dagsmejan Stay Cool sleep mask keeps the light out whilst keeping your head cool all night long - for a deeper, undisturbed sleep.

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Meet us at Zurich Airport

Come visit our pop-up store at Zurich Airport and grab your sleepwear essentials! We are located in the Passenger Area (Airside) right next to the Duty Free store on the 2nd floor.

Dates: 20th July – 16th August

Opening hours: 6.00-22.00

See you soon!