How to keep cool at night: top tips for beating the heat

Cool it

As the temperature rises during the day the nights get hotter and hotter as well. Hotter nights is unfortunately not that great for our sleep quality. To be able to fall asleep our core temperature needs to drop and to enjoy the best possible sleep quality we should avoid temperature fluctuations during the night.

There are some simple steps you can take to beat the night sweats and keep cool even during the hottest summer night. And it starts way before you are in bed.

During the day

Getting a cool night’s comfort starts already during the day, there are some cooling tips to make sure your body and your bedroom don’t overheat

  • Cool down your bedroom: make sure that you have windows and blinds shut during the day to prevent your bedroom from warming up. This can make a real difference to your room temperature and to your air condition bill (if you have one).
  • Exercise at the right time: when we exercise our body temperature elevates, in hot weathers it’s better to exercise earlier in the day so that our body temperature has time to drop before going to bed.
  • Eat a cooling diet: food that is difficult to digest like fried food and red meat keep our digestive system working during the night which will increase our body heat. By eating a light meal at the end of day we can keep cool at night.
  • Keep hydrated: make sure that you keep hydrated during the day but avoid caffeinated drinks or alcohol just before going to bed. 

Before going to bed

To fall asleep our core temperature needs to drop, we can help this process:

  • Cool down your bedroom: when the sun is down and temperature hopefully has decreased you can welcome that cool air back in. You can try hanging a damp or wet sheet in the window for further evaporative cooling.
  • Take a cool shower: cool down and get rid of that sticky feeling and you will find that you fall asleep easier and faster.
  • Cooling sleepwear: Put on a cooling pyjamas to make sure you don’t overheat again
  • Cooling bed sheets: use natural materials that are light like from botanic fibres like microlyocell (Tencel) or linen.

When you sleep

  • Cooling air flow: use a bed fan to keep the air flowing through the room, for additional cooling you can keep a bucket of ice just in front of the fan to further cool down the air. You can also install air conditioning if the temperature remains high.
  • The right mattress: memory foam mattresses can trap heat, there are other options out there that lead heat away from the body and help you to avoid overheating and suffering from night sweats.
  • Space out in bed: keep some space between you and your partner and make sure that dogs and kids sleep in their own beds. Body heat from others will heat us up further during the night.
  • The best cooling pyjamas: by sleeping in light-weight breathable pyjamas we can make sure that we stay cool all night long.

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