We are very happy to have Dr. Rebecca Robbins onboard as a member of the Dagsmejan medical board. Dr. Robbins is a sleep researcher and co-author of Sleep for Success!, she works with how we can us sleep as our main tool to reduce stress levels and create a higher degree of success in both our professional and private lives.

At Dagsmejan we are all about sleep and the impact it has not only on our nights but also on our days. After a great night’s sleep, we feel energised. Awakened. Ready to tackle anything and unlock our true potential. That’s why we created Dagsmejan. Naturally inspired sleepwear enhanced by the latest sleep technology. Designed for incredible sleep comfort to help you live better, night and day.


To sleep better is one of the best ways to improve our performance, our energy levels, our focus and our mood.

In today’s fast moving society there has never been a better time to provide a wake-up call on how to relax, get centered, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and be happier and more successful. Recent research has shown that we sleep on average a whole hour less than we did in the 1940s. As dr Robbins puts it;

“Recent research has shown us that when we get enough sleep, we are able to accomplish more in less time and with less stress and greater health. We don't need a 26-hour day. With more efficient and effective sleep habits 24 hours is more than adequate.”

Not getting enough sleep has a very negative impact on our neurocognitive functions including short-term memory as well as more complex tasks like multi-tasking, decision-making and problem-solving. The impact of sleep loss is comparable to drinking alcohol, even missing out on only a few hours of sleep lowers of speed of response and ability to focus.

Smart pyjamas for a succesful sleep

To enjoy a high quality sleep we need not only to prioritize sleep and to destress, we also need to be able to keep the best temperature for sleep. This means staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone and avoiding being hot and cold at night, which negatively impact in particular our deep sleep. That’s where smart sleepwear plays a vital part in helping us sleep better. Dr Robbins was thrilled to discover Dagsmejan;

 “A good night’s sleep is essential for us to be happier and more successful. That’s why I’m so excited to work with Dagsmejan! By helping us to keep the best temperature for sleep Dagsmejan makes sure that we can enjoy a deeper sleep with less disruptions. The result? We are able to accomplish more in less time and with less stress and greater health."


Find out how smart pjs can make a real difference to your sleep quality:

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