Maternity & nursing nightwear

From 1st day of pregnancy through nursing

Sleep better

Sleep better from the first day of pregnancy throughout nursing and beyond with Dagsmejan's maternity and nursing sleepwear. Designed to grow and retract with your body and to support your sleep optimally every step of the way.

Sleep better with Dagsmejan nursing pajamas

ideal sleeping temperature

6x more breathable than cotton

WHY? During pregnancy and while nursing hormonal changes can cause temperature fluctuations. This reduces our sleep quality, meaning we struggle to achieve deep sleep. 

HOW? Dagsmejan nursing pajamas feature NATTWELL™ fabric which keeps your skin temperature 1°C cooler than with cotton. Dagsmejan sleepwear is packed with millions of breathable nanocapillaries and integrated ventilation and moisture-wicking zones where needed. The results? You keep the ideal sleeeping  temperature and don't have to worry about being hot and cold at night. 

best pajamas for night sweats

4x better moisture regulation than cotton

WHY? Night sweats are common during pregnancy and in particular whilst nursing. The hormonal changes in our bodies lead to hot flash similar effects which makes sleeping well difficult. 

HOW? A unique combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties help to transport moisture away from your skin quickly whilst cooling you down with evaporative cooling. This helps you to sleep deeper with Dagsmejan's nursing nightwear.



WHY? During pregnancy the growing belly can make it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and during nursing every seconds of good sleep counts. 

HOW? Dagsmejan maternity and nursing sleepwear is designed to grow with you and to support your optimally every step of the way. Bump-friendly and with easy nursing access you can sleep better night by night. Tested by 30 real mums their feedback was incorporated into the design to create the best nursing pajamas.

soft nursing pajamas

2x softer than cotton

WHY? When we sleep the blood flow to our skin increases and we are more sensitive to touch and to any friction.

HOW? Dagsmejan uses only the finest, natural fibres in our super soft maternity pajamas. Tagless and with flat ergonomic seams there is nothing to rub you the wrong way during the night. 

the most comfortable maternity pajamas