Dagsmejan sleepwear is scientifically proven to help you sleep deeper and longer by keeping you in the ideal climatic comfort zone. Using high tech natural fibres you can enjoy a great night's sleep wherever you are.  

Want to enjoy a great night's sleep regardless of where you lay your head to rest? You can't always control the bed or even the air conditioning but you can control what is closest to your skin—your sleepwear.

Dagsmejan sleepwear uses the finest natural fibres and the latest textile technologies to give you a better and deeper sleep, scientifically proven. With superior temperature regulation and moisture management you keep the optimal temperature for sleep. Dagsmejan sleepwear is also ultra light-weight, wrinkle resistant and odour free—helping you have the best sleep possible wherever your are.

Dagsmejan sleepwear offer exceptional moisture management and temperature regulation to help you keep the optimal temperature for sleep. As an added bonus it's lightweight, fast drying, anti-bacterial and wrinkle resistant.

But don't trust us, read about what others are saying about Dagsmejan and why it's the best sleepwear for travelling.

“Pack them? Yes: they’re a supreme weapon against temperamental hotel-room air conditioning… Most important, they kept me sweat-free.”

The times

“We were seriously impressed by the brand’s Stay Warm Sleepwear, which despite being as light as a feather, kept us warm at night without ever feeling too hot or stuffy. The material is soft, cosy and seriously sleek.

The Independent

"Super-soft, comfy and stylish, the breathable fabric of this sleepwear helps with temperature control.”

Healthy Food

"It's the perfect attire to keep you in ultimate comfort and at the optimum temperature while flying, by giving its wearer four unique benefits to optimise sleep mid-air."


Find your balance with smart sleepwear that adjusts to your natural temperature, ensuring that you never are too warm or too cold again. Fibres from beechwood have been enhanced with a patented technology to give you Nattwell®—a fabric with revolutionary moisture management and temperature regulation properties:

  • 6 x more breathable than cotton
  • 4x better at drawing sweat away from the skin. Quick drying
  • 2x softer than cotton

Is it the right sleep collection for you? If you sometimes get warm and sometimes get cold this collection is ideal for a better sleep.


Stay warm but never overheat with ultra-light breathable Nattwarm® fabric. Featuring nature's luxury performance fibres—the finest merino wool and Tencel from eucalyptus—you can enjoy a deeper and longer sleep.

  • 50% lighter warmth than other fabrics
  • 4x more breathable than cotton
  • 2x softer than cotton

Is it the right sleep collection for you? If you want to enjoy featherlight warmth, without ever overheating, this collection can help you sleep better.




A new generation of high-performance sleepwear

The result is the ultimate high performance nightwear, which not only promotes better sleep, but is also stylish and sustainable — truly the stuff of sweet dreams.

—Scan Travel Magazine