Light and cosy with Dagsmejan

The Sun loves the Dagsmejan merino onesie and highlight it amongst the best for women. Find out why below;

"This cute onesie is made from a blend of merino wool and lyocell (from eucalyptus) that keeps you warm, but stops you from overheating. It’s perfect if you prefer something lighter against your skin but you still want to feel cosy.

The material has been tested for its thermal properties and has been shown to be four times more breathable than cotton. The wool used is from 100% traceable mulesing-free merino.

Front button fastening with pockets, this onesie is available in burgundy, dark grey and winter night. Machine washable."

merino onesie

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The most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Find out why people love Dagsmejan's luxury pyjamas for optimal sleep comfort. Designed to support your individual sleep needs you can find the collection that ideally matches you. That's what makes it the best pyjamas for women and men.

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Merino pyjamas

Stay warm collection

With a luxurious blend of super fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres the stay warm collection keeps you cozy warm without ever overheating. Merino wool has unique heat isolation properties, keeping sheep warm in winter and making it ideal for a winter pyjamas. Wool is however also exceptionally breathable and will release any excess heat whilst also being able soak up and release twice as much sweat as cotton making it the perfect material in a thermal pyjamas. Featuring both merino wool pyjamas for men as well as merino nightwear and merino wool pyjamas for women in a variety of colors.

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best pyjamas for night sweats

Balance collection

Featuring beechwood fibres enhanced with a patented technology the Balance collection is 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better at moisture management. If you tend to get hot and cold at night this is your sleep aid and it truly is the best pyjamas for night sweats. The balance collection is twice as soft and cotton and featherlight making it also beloved as the best menopause pyjamas

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Cooling sleepwear

Stay cool collection

Too hot to sleep? Then this collection of cooling pyjamas is your match made in heaven. Featuring eucalyptus fibres our cooling sleepwear is 8x more breathable than cotton and dries in 1/3 of the time. The collection feature both cooling pyjamas for women and cooling nightgowns as well as cooling pyjamas for guys

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recovery sleepwear

Recovery sleepwear

This collection of athletic recovery sleepwear feature a potent combination of high tech eucalyptus fibres with a mineral print that helps to reflect back infra red energy. This can help to oxygenate the muscles so you wake up more refreshed and recovered. 

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