Our technologies


Sleep technologies

Developed and engineered in Switzerland in cooperation with sleep experts and universities, our collections are designed to improve your sleep quality and target your specific physiological sleep needs.

Combining the finest natural fibres with the latest textile technologies to ensure that you keep the best temperature for sleep. Find your ideal match in bed!

the BALANCE collection


With a patented, permanent and eco-friendly technology beechwood fibres have been adapted to have both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. The result? You enjoy the benefits from evaporative cooling as well moisture wicking. 

 - 6 x more breathable than cotton 

4x better at drawing night sweat away from the skin 

2x softer than cotton

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the stay cool collection


NATTCOOL™ has millions of nano capillaries lead excess heat away from the skin. If you start to sweat parts of the sweat is absorbed in the core of the fibres cooling you down through evaporative cooling. Thanks to the extraordinary fast drying times and the inherent moisture wicking properties of NATTCOOL™ you never feel wet.

8x more breathable than cotton 

- Dries in 1/3 of the time of cotton

- Releases water vapour 60% better than cotton

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The stay warm collection


NATTWARM™ fabric combine ultra-light warmth with exceptional breathability and moisture management. The super fine fibres transport excess heat away from the body and by combining two fibres with exceptional moisture management you never feel wet.

50% lighter warmth than other fabrics 

4x more breathable than cotton 

2x softer than cotton

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the recovery collection

NATTRECOVER™ technology

The responsive minerals used in NATTRECOVER™ recycle excess body heat which is released naturally during sleep—transforming it into far infrared energy and re-directing it back towards the body.

Reactive mineral fabric promote increased blood flow to muscles, enhancing the recovery.

Breathable with temperature regulating technology

- Dries in 1/3 of the time of cotton

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Independent testing

Research and development

From concept to finished goods, ever step of the way is scientifically researched and tested.

Step 1. Understanding our physiological sleep needs by working together with sleep experts across Europe and the US.

Step 2. Developing the right sleepwear to meet our physiological needs. Together with material scientists and designers from various academic institutions.

Step 3. Prototyping together with leading partners across Europe.

Step 4. Independent testing. All collections are tested in laboratory with both flat testing and torso testing. We also test in climate chambers as well as with test people.

Step 5. Quality control. Before garments are sent to our distribution centers they are checked by an independent quality institute.