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athlete recovery sleepwear

Sleep better, perform better

Top athletes know that a good night's sleep can be the difference between a place at the podium or struggling at the back of the pack. Studies also show that athletes sleeping less than 8 hours are twice as likely to sustain sports injuries making sleeping well even more important.

There are many factors that impact how well we sleep, one fast way to improve on your sleep is to wear the right sleepwear. That's why professional athletes, top medical professionals and trainers across the world wear Dagsmejan. Read more about why the likes of Patrik Noack (Chief Medical Officer Swiss Olympic Team), Patrick Küng (world champion Downhill Ski) and Ellie Salthouse (Junior World Champion Aquathlon) personally recommend Dagsmejan athlete recovery sleepwear.

Athlete proven

Why world champions and top athletes wear Dagsmejan

Swiss ice hockey team
The Swiss National Ice Hockey Team

"In the final phase of a world championship tournament, the best team is the one that recovered best. That's why we are working with the innovative textile company Dagsmejan from Zurich, which produces a new type of functional sleepwear that is optimally adapted to our physiological sleep needs. This enables my players to have the best rest they can get and therefore to deliver the best performance when it matters".

- Patrick Fischer, Head Coach


Linda Indergand, Mountainbiker & Bronze medallist

"The pyjamas from Dagsmejan convinced me immediately. For me as a top athlete, sleep and therefore recovery are the most important things. I often get very hot and sweaty during the night, but thanks to the innovative NATTCOOL technology, this is a thing of the past. As I travel a lot, I always bring my own pillow with me and recently the Dagsmejan pyjamas have also become part of my standard equipment, as they help me to regulate my body temperature."

Patrick Künger Performance Sleepwear


“Travelling a lot for competitions I realize that hotel rooms can be a killer for my sleep, either too warm or too cold. With Dagsmejan I don’t have to worry about that anymore, these pyjamas makes my body feeling instantly at home."


Emma pallard Dagsmejan sleep enhancing pyjamas


"Dagsmejan sleepwear has really benefited my sleep, its like having a great mattress, or a soft silky feel duvet but this has direct contact to your skin so I’ve found it to have a really positively powerful effect. Because it feels so good to put on, it makes me look forward to bed time more :)"


Anja Weber – Cross Country Skier 

Anja Weber – Cross Country Ski World Champion

"Sleep is extremely important to me. We athletes depend on restful sleep in order to be able to call on our top performance. Dagsmejan Sleepwear has helped me to have a perfect sleeping climate and thus also the regeneration is promoted, which is crucial for us athletes."

Noemi Moeschlin - Swiss Fencer

"Sleep is essential for me as an athlete. Therefore, I try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Because of a lot of training and intensive study, this can be a challenge. But getting enough sleep clearly increases my productivity. That's why an extensive, calm and balanced sleep is clearly a priority for me. The Dagsmejan sleepwear is super soft. When touching, you immediately feel like cuddling up in bed. These are the best conditions for a good night's sleep. In addition, they are also very breathable and I have neither cold nor warm. I feel really comfortablein it."

Ellie Salthouse performance sleepwear


I really LOVE the Dagsmejan pyjamas. They help me to ensure my temperature is controlled for optimal sleep conditions, allowing my body to recover for the sessions ahead. Wearing them when it matters, so comfortable and super lightweight!!"


Ronnie Schildknecht performance sleepwear

Ronnie Schildknecht— 11 x iron man champion

"To choose a specific, technical clothing for sleep that helps the body to maintain an optimal sleeping climate is of utmost importance to me. I was already enthusiastic about the distinct sleep feeling after the first night and can recommend Dagsmejan to everyone, whether professional athlete or office employee."


Sebastian Rode Dagsmejan

Sebastian Rode—Football player Bundesliga

"I often used to wake up sweating during the night. Then I discovered the Dagsmejan functional sleepwear a few years ago and was happy to have finally found a sleepwear that is both loose and comfortable and regulates the body temperature well during sleep. And with the new Recovery line my sleep quality has improved once again."


Joscha Burkhalter – Biathlon

Joscha Burkhalter – Olympic Biathlete

"Restful sleep is key for me so that I optimally recover between training sessions and competitions. To get the best rest I always ensure that I put my phone away early enough in the evening and open the windows just before going to bed to ventilate the room well. Recently I also discovered Dagsmejan's sleepwear. It helps me keep my body temperature in balance so that I never feel too cold or too warm during the night. In addition, it is super soft and mega comfortable to wear."

Lena Häcki - Biathlete

Lena Häcki - Olympic Biathlete

"Good sleep is very important to me. Peak performance needs peak recovery, and one of the most important parts of recovery is sleep.  

Dagsmejan's functional sleepwear is good for me because it helps me sleep deeper and thus recover better"

Niall Treacy - Speed skater

Niall Treacy - Olympic Speed Skater

"My Dagsmajan Stay Cool Sleepwear has been phenomenal as my whole life, and especially athlete life, I've struggled keeping body temperature low and have spent many nights awake feeling too hot. Since coming back from the Olympics and using the Stay Cool set I've not experienced this once and feel confident going into training the next morning that sleep duration and sleep quality will not be a hinderance to performance but actually a boost. I look forward to having this confidence too for my next competition."

Nina Brunner - Beachvolleyballerin

Nina Brunner - European Volleyball champion

“As athletes, we try to push our limits every day. If you sleep well enough, this gets easier and more enjoyable. To optimize my recovery throughout the night, I choose Dagsmejan sleepwear. It’s the softest and most comfortable pyjamas I have ever worn."

Tanja Huberli - Beachvolleyballerin

Tanja Huberli - European Volleyball champion

"Recovering is just as important as training as an athlete! Having a good and deep sleep is essential for our performance during the competitions – that is why I choose to sleep in Dagsmejan. I feel very comfortable in their pyjamas and I always look forward to going to bed."

Fabian Meeusen - Triathlete

Fabian Meeusen - Swiss Triathlon Champion

"Every area is optimised in training, but sleep is the real base for my performance. Dagsmejan sleepwear has become an integral part of my sleep system since the first time I used it."

Laurien van der Graaff - Cross Country Skier

Laurien van der Graaff - Cross Country Ski World cup Winner & Olympian

"I often get quite warm while sleeping, so the quality of the pyjama's I wear is important to me. The fabric of Dagsmejan sleepwear is therefore ideal because it is very breathable and temperature regulating." 

Lara Dickenmann - Footballer

Lara Dickenmann - Champions League Footballer

“The best ones sleep in Dagsmejan! To perform at the highest level, a good night’s sleep and recovery is an absolute necessity for our players. Therefore, we could not be happier to have Dagsmejan and their expertise in sleep and sleepwear as our preferred partner. Our players now have the best sleep conditions, where their most important physiological needs are being addressed. At the end of the day, how we sleep and recover determines how we perform.”

Valerie Maltais - Speed skate

Valerie Maltais - Olympian Speed Skater

"It’s when I sleep that I recover the best.  With the help of Dagsmejan sleepwear, I can keep my body temperature cool when I sleep while my body regenerates"

Ramon Untersander - Defender Swiss National Ice Hockey team

”Sleep better, perform better. Dagsmejan functional sleepwear helps me to wind down faster after a hard training session in the late afternoon or after an intense game in the evening. It allows me to cool down and thus keep my sleep rhythm in balance."

A medical stamp of approval

Recommended by sports doctors and sleep coaches

Patrik Noak Dagsmejan sleep enhancing pyjamas

Dr. med. Patrik Noack—Chief Medical Officer Swiss Olympic Team

“A good night's sleep is a decisive factor for our performance and especially for calling on top performance when it counts. Together with the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Science & Technology (EMPA), the young Swiss company Dagsmejan has developed a new type of functional sleepwear that is ideally suited to the physiological needs of the sleeping body. Personally I can highly recommend these products.” 


Anna West Dagsmejan

Anna West—Sleep2perform (Swiss National Ice Hockey team)

“Optimal sleep is essential for you, for athletes, for everyone to recover from the mental and physical demands of daily life.  If you aim to create the best foundation and ensure your balance and ability to perform, stay healthy and happy, you need to understand your 24-hour perspective and support your body in the right way. Dagsmejan is a valid and excellent supporting tool to do exactly that ”. 


Lutz Graumann Performance Sleepwear

DR. MED LUTZ GRAUMANN—Phd & specialist in sports medicine

"Thermoregulation is key for a good night's sleep. To fall asleep and to enjoy a deep, restorative sleep we need for our core body temperature to drop, but if we get too cold we will shiver and our sleep quality suffers. That is why I recommend sleepwear by Dagsmejan; they help us to cool down or warm up depending on our needs so that we can sleep deeper for longer."




Pascal Bollmann performance sleepwear

PASCAL BOLLMANN—CROSS FIT TRAINER & 6 X Swiss champion gymnastics

"Besides nutrition and mental and physical fitness, restful sleep is an important pillar of our health. In professional sports, the regeneration that is achieved through sleep determines victory and defeat. My sleep quality is of great importance to me and I also raise this with my customers. Dagsmejan's sleepwear supports my sleep perfectly by keeping the body temperature in the ideal range."

Dave Baucamp Performance sleepwear


"We can only make progress in training if we also prioritize our recovery. Good sleep is our most important "recovery tool"—while we sleep our body can release essential growth hormones, reduce inflammations and internalize newly learned things. I am therefore very pleased that I have discovered Dagsmejan's functional sleepwear for myself and my customers.”

Patrick Fischer — Coach Swiss Ice Hockey team

Patrick Fischer — Coach Swiss Ice Hockey team

“The best team is the one that recovered best. That's why we are working with the innovative textile company Dagsmejan, which produces a new type of functional sleepwear that is optimally adapted to our physiological sleep needs. This enables my players to have the best rest they can get and therefore to deliver the best performance when it matters.”

best recovery sleepwear

Experience it for yourself

Find out how you can sleep better with Dagsmejan sleepwear. Using the finest natural fibres combined with the latest textile technology our sleepwear is scientifically proven to help you sleep deeper and longer. Sustainably and ethically made in Europe you can sleep easy with a good conscience.



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