Why world leading triathletes are Dagsmejan Sleepers

Sleep to peak

As a triathlete, you need not only master 3 different disciplines but also to have the endurance to keep going for hours on end at times. That's why world-leading athletes look at all aspects of their lives and training to make sure that they are on top of their game when it matters. 

One aspect, that previously often was overlooked, is the role of sleep and recovery in being able to perform at your best, season after season. So what role does sleep play in sports?

  • In the first deep sleep phase, a growth hormone is released, helping the body to repair and regenerate. The hormone stimulates protein synthesis, promotes cell division and helps to break down fat providing energy for tissue repair.
  • The more we exercise the more sleep we need. If you start training for a marathon or increase your exercise frequency the increased intensity can weaken your immune system and put you at a greater risk of falling ill. Studies has shown that athletes who on average sleep less than 8 hours a night are almost twice as likely to get a sports injury as those who sleep more than 8 hours.
  • When training hard you need up to one hour more of sleep every night. Athletes at the top of their game sleep even more.

Why do champion triathletes turn to Dagsmejan for a better sleep?

Temperature has a big impact on our sleep, if our temperature fluctuates during the night our vital deep sleep phases are disturbed and our sleep quality decreases. With Dagsmejan thermal nightwear you keep the best temperature for sleep, scientifically proven.

Find out why top athletes choose Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas for their recovery. 

Ronnie Schildknecht, Swiss Professional Triathlete

11x IRONMAN champion, 9x IRONMAN Switzerland champion, 4th place Kona World championships, ITA DUATHLON Long Distance European Champion, 6x DUATHLON Swiss Champion, multiple 70.3 winner. Swiss record holder on the IRONMAN distance. 

"For me sleep or sleep hygiene is an important part of my training. When I train hard, I have to recover as quickly and as well as possible. On the one hand I try to sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours. But what is important is the quality of the hours. On the one hand I keep the room dark and at the right room temperature and with Dagsmejan I use sleepwear that help my body to recover optimally.

To choose a specific, technical clothing for sleep that helps the body to maintain an optimal sleeping climate is of utmost importance to me. I was already enthusiastic about the distinct sleep feeling after the first night and can recommend Dagsmejan to everyone, whether professional athlete or office employee."

Ronnie Schildknecht Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas

Ellie Salthouse, Australian Professional Triathlete

Junior World Champion Aquathlon 2009, 2nd in the team triathlon at the Olympic Youth Summer Games in 2019, in 2016 she won her first race on the triathlon middle distance in Colorado

"Sleep is the most important tool for recovery, to keep me racing and training at my best. And ever since I become a professional triathlete I have made high sleep quality a priority.

I really LOVE the Dagsmejan pyjamas. They help me to ensure my temperature is controlled for optimal sleep conditions, allowing my body to recover for the sessions ahead. Wearing them when it matters, so comfortable and super lightweight!!"

Ellie Salthouse Dagsmejan

Discover what Dagsmejan thermal pyjamas can do for your sleep

With Dagsmejan you can find a solution to your individual sleep needs. Using the finest natural fibres combined with the latest sleep technology each garment help to ensure that you never are hot and cold at night anymore.

Discover our 3 collections—Balance, Stay Warm and Stay Cool—and find out for yourself how staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone can help you sleep deeper and longer. 

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