The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Find out why Entertainment Now rates Dagsmejan as the ideal Christmas gift 2022.

"Complete with a luxurious black box and super-soft eye mask, Dagsmejan offer scientifically proven sleepwear that guarantees sleep comfort or your money back. Their latest NATTWARM™ soft blend of merino wool and eucalyptus fibres ethically produced in Europe keeps you comfortably warm without overheating, perfect for the falling temperatures. The set also offers a men’s version also available to buy for men."

Merino pjs

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The world's most comfortable pajamas

Discover why Dagsmejan has been named the most comfortable pajamas in the world and how you can sleep better with smart sleepwear. Dagsmejan is developed to fit your personal physiological sleep needs, find the collection that is the ideal match for you. 

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The stay warm collection: thermal pajamas

The stay warm collection offer merino wool pajamas for women and men. With a luxurious blend of super-fine merino wool and eucalyptus fibres this collection is ideal all year but in particular loved as a cozy winter pajamas. Featuring boot wool night gowns, long and short styles as well as thermal pajamas for men there is something for everyone. 

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Merino pajamas

The balance collection: the best pajamas for night sweats

Are you hot and cold at night? Then the balance collection is your ideal match. 6x more breathable than cotton it's 4x better at moisture management making it the best women's and men's sleepwear for night sweats. Featuring beechwood combined with a patented treatment you can enjoy superior temperature regulation in a totally natural and sustainable way. This makes balance also very popular as menopause pajamas, helping to beat hot flashes for a sound night's sleep night after night. 

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Moisture wicking pajamas

The stay cool collection: cooling pajamas

Are you hot at night? then this is your cooling sleep aid. 8x more breathable than cotton it dries in 1/3 of the time making it the best men's pajamas for hot sleepers and a favorite cooling nightwear for women as well. Based on eucalyptus fibres Dagsmejan stay cool is smoother than silk. 

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The recovery collection: recovery sleepwear

Want to boost your recovery at night? then this is your ideal match. By combining breathable eucalyptus fibres with a mineral print, infra-red energy is reflected back to the body naturally supporting the oxygenation of the muscles. Sports people across the world turn to Dagsmejan's athlete recovery sleepwear to boost their performance at night. 

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