4 things to look for when buying a baby sleepsuit

Once a baby is born, everything is new and a thousand questions arise: how to get baby to sleep, what is the best nightime routine, and so on. Information regarding the baby world are everywhere, and sometimes the amount of answers regarding what's better for our babies can be confusing. Today we're talking about newborn sleepwear. Which are the essential features baby sleepsuits should have? How about the best fabrics? What is the best sleepwear to get your baby sleep through the night? Keep reading and discover our tips.

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Temperature regulation & breathability

In order to avoid colds, overheating and other temperature issues, it's important that your baby's sleepwear is not only lightweight and breathable, but also temperature-regulating. Only this way your baby will be able to enjoy a restful sleep without being neither hot nor cold.

Moisture management

Baby restless sleep? It could be caused by the (wrong) sleepwear they're wearing. Babies tend to overheat during the night and start sweating. If baby pyjamas get damp or even wet, the baby gets cold and starts to shiver. The result is a restless sleep. To avoid this unpleasant situation make sure that you baby's sleepsuits have moisture management properties that help to quickly transport moisture away from the skin's surface. This will keep your newborn's pyjamas dry even if your baby starts to sweat.

Fit & Comfort

When it comes to baby pyjamas, the first thing to look for is a comfy and smart design. What does this mean? On one hand baby sleepsuits need to be comfortable enough to let you baby enjoy some real sweet dreams: yes to soft fabrics and comfy fit and no to scratchy seams or annoying buttons. At the same time, baby sleepwear needs to practical and smart too, so easy-changing features, extendable cuffs and legs that expand as your baby grows and as well fabrics that are resistant are a must.

Soft, delicate fabrics

Baby skin is particularly sensitive and subject to temperature fluctuations. For this very reason you want to make sure that the fabric that your baby is wearing not only has the highest quality, but that also improves the sleep quality of your child. When it comes to the cold seasons, the automatic response would be to dress our babies with heavy and thick fabrics to prevent them getting cold. However, these kind of materials are not the best option as they could make them sweat and overheat, waking them up in the middle of the night. Try instead warm but lightweight fibres such as merino wool, which is not only perfect for the winter months but also ideal for sensitive baby skin. It's also important to think about the breathability of baby sleepsuits: breathable fabrics are better than synthetics and allow your baby's body to avoid temperature fluctuations and keep the ideal sleep temperature all night long.


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Let your baby benefit from the outstanding features of our warm baby pyjamas. Made with Merino wool, these soft and lightweight sleepsuits will keep your baby warm without making them sweat or overheat.


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Maternity & Nursing pyjamas

Enjoy the softest and most comfortable sleep comfort also during pregnancy: thanks to its bump-friendly and easy-nursing access, our maternity pyjamas are developed to grow with your changing body, from the beginning of your pregnancy until the end of nursing.


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