A must-have for discerning travellers

Find out why Halcyon Lifestyle highlights Dagsmejan merino pyjamas as the ideal sleepwear for discerning travellers:

"Introducing Dagsmejan: A must-have for discerning travellers

Travelling around the globe for business or pleasure can be a wonderful experience, yet has the ability to play havoc on our internal body clock and sleep routines.

In-flight sleeping, even with the abundance of luxuries aboard the most exclusive of private jets can be problematic for even the most seasoned of travellers.

Changes in temperature, air pressure, noise and comfort can all affect our body and mind’s ability to switch off and rest mid-flight. However Dagsmejan – the Swiss born, Swedish designed sleepwear brand are here to help both the quality & longevity of your sleep, whether you’re on board or have arrived at your destination.

Their ‘Stay Warm’ collection contains ‘mix and match’ t-shirts, tunics, leggings, pants and night dresses in an array of colours including burgundy, dark grey & pine green. All items are made with 100% natural performance fibres including a luxurious blend of the finest Merino wool & Lyocell from Eucalyptus, for superior warmth and comfort. Its unique benefits include:

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: With Dagsmejan sleepwear you’ll stay warm but never overheat. All items in the range are 4x more breathable than cotton & 2x softer than cotton while also keeping you in ‘the thermal comfort zone.’

WARM NOT SWEATY: The merino fibres used are excellent at regulating moisture, absorbing 35% of their weight before feeling damp to the touch. Most synthetic fabrics feel wet after absorbing just 7%.

SUPREME FIT & COMFORT: Tagless designs, ergonomic seams and stretchy waistbands keep you covered and cosy while you sleep.

ULTRA LIGHT & SUPER SOFT: Ultra-light fabric, infused with merino wool, is soft against delicate skin providing warming comfort both on long haul flights and at your destination. Together with leading partners from sleep research, material science and textile engineering, Dagsmejan hope to lead a functional revolution, aiming to improve the quality of sleep for both discerning travellers and the population at large.

Discover Dagsmejan's Stay warm pyjamas

The most luxurious sleep comfort you will ever experience, with this collection of merino wool pyjamas you can sleep deeper and longer.

Merino pyjamas for women

Featherlight and breathable this collection of thermal pyjamas for women encompass both long and short merino sleepwear as well as dresses.

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Men's thermal pyjamas

Merino pyjamas make for the ideal men's winter pyjamas, keeping you comfortably warm without ever overheating. Dagsmejan's stay warm pyjamas include both long and short styles and you can mix and match as you like.

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