Beat the night sweats

Top Santa are highlighting Dagsmejan as the ideal menopause nightwear for a deeper and more comfortable sleep. 

"Beat the night sweats

Although what you wear can’t change what’s going on inside your body during menopause, it can go some way towards keeping you comfortable. There are lots of ranges designed with temperature regulation in mind, including luxe nightwear company Dagsmejan. Their Recovery collection (from £79.99) uses revolutionary technical fabric containing fibres from the eucalyptus plant to make it super breathable. It also regulates temperature and dries faster than cotton."

Menopause nightwear

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Dagsmejan sleepwear is designed to keep you at the ideal sleeping temperature all night long. With exceptional temperature regulation and moisture management you stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone for longer, making it the ideal pyjamas for hot flashes.

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