Best sleep products for hot sleepers

AskMen shares the editors’ first-hand recommendations for cooling sleep products that have helped him personally beat night sweats and highlighted Dagsmejan’s Balance Collection Shorts in the roundup.

"These shorts were literally made for sleeping. Dagsmejan's goal is to ensure you're at the best temperature possible when it comes to sleep, and their NATTWELL fabric used in their products ensures that. It's more breathable than cotton (so your usual boxers can stay in the drawers), and the focus on moisture management makes them a formidable opponent against - you guessed it - night sweats. Tagless and super soft, too. If you're not someone who enjoys sleep au naturel, these are the bedtime bottoms that you want."  

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wicking pajamas


Sometimes hot and sometimes cold at night? Regulate your temperature with a textile combination of beechwood and patented sleep technology. 6x more breathable than cotton, this collection of temperature regulating pyjamas is 4x better at regulating moisture. That makes it the best breathable pyjamas. 

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Stay cool

A sweaty sleeper? Then this super-cooling collection is the ideal match for you. Made of eucalyptus fibres this fabric is 8x more breathable than cotton and softer than silk.

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