Dagsmejan's essential pieces

Coco Eco Magazine featured Dagsmejan's cooling nightwear among the must haves everyone needs in their own closet:
"A brand that is improving people’s sleep and doing it ethically, definitely qualifies as an essential piece. Even as we start to leave the house more frequently, we’re still spending time at home. Thanks to Dagsmejan, we can sleep and lounge better with their innovative fabric. This tank and short set is softer than silk and cooler than linen, and with superior cooling power you will sleep or lounge easy around the house." 

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cooling pajamas

Too hot to sleep? Pyjamas that keep you cool

Ever ask yourself: Why do I get hot at night? With Dagsmejan cooling pyjamas you can start to sleep soundly instead of tossing and turning at night

men's cooling pyjamas

8x more breathable than cotton this collection of cooling sleepwear dries in 1/3 of the time.

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cooling pyjamas for women 

Enjoy the ultimate, smooth sleep comfort with Dagsmejan's collection of cooling nightwear including not only cooling pyjamas for women but also a cooling nightgown.

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cooling nightgown and cooling pjsDiscover all the Dagsmejan collections:

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