Find out why DIVA magazine highlights Dagsmejan as the best pyjamas for women and men;

For Andreas Lenzhofer and Catarina Dahlin, the founders of Dagsmejan, there was an imbalance for a long time: "As outdoor athletes, we have known and appreciated functional clothing for many years - no one would run a marathon in a cotton T-shirt today, and no mountaineer would go on a mountain tour without a suitable clothing system. to be able to respond to different climatic conditions. The cost of these garments is usually not low - the more limited are the occasions when we actually use these special garments. The choice of functional outfits is enormous in the outdoor sector, but what about within your own four walls? "The pyjamas are worn up to a third of the day. But there has been little innovation in sleepwear over the last 40 years, although it is now becoming increasingly clear how important sleep is for health and well-being - a peculiar disproportion. We wanted to change that." This project presented the two of them with a number of challenges - after all, it was to become a natural material with special properties.

Ultimately, we also broke new technological ground in product development." But do you really need special sleepwear? For Andreas and Catarina, the answer is not only clear, but also scientifically proven: "In addition to the release of the hormone melatonin, the change in body temperature is one of the most important instruments our body has for controlling our sleep-wake rhythm. In order for us to fall asleep, our body temperature has to drop, until at around four o'clock in the morning a temperature rise slowly boosts our system. In addition, temperature changes induce transitions between sleep phases, and unlike during the day, our body temperature is the same throughout the body during the night. Therefore, our body is very sensitive to disturbances of these natural thermoregulatory processes." So Dagsmejan offers both cooling pyjamas and thermal pyjamas and nightgowns."