Happy dozing with Dagsmejan

Find out why the lifestyle magazine Living Edge says that Dagsmejan Stay Warm collection is how you keep the coziness during chilly nights. 

"Being cold at night is one of the worst feelings, and with winter in full swing, nighttime layering is a very real need. After a good night's sleep, we feel refreshed and energized, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind, which is why sleepwear is so important.

Dagsmejan is a Swiss-born brand that uses science to create thermo-regulating sleepwear, ensuring you get the best sleep. Their new Stay Warm collection has recently launched and is made with a luxurious blend of the finest merino wool and lyocell from eucalyptus. You can find leggings, t-shirts, sleep pants and long sleeve shirts in the collection. Their patented NATTWARM technology is more breathable and softer than cotton, so you will never over-heat

merino pajamas

They also have a range of other collections; Stay Cool, Balance and Recovery, so you can find the best options to suit your sleeping needs. Happy dozing."

Dagsmejan- sleep your way to a better life

Discover why Dagsmejan has been named the most comfortable pyjamas in the world and find your ideal match.

The stay warm collection

Stay comfortably warm without ever overheating with our merino sleepwear collection, 4x more breathable than cotton and twice as soft.

The balance collection

Keep the best temperature for sleep with this ultra-light temperature regulating pyjamas, 6x more breathable than cotton. Dagsmejan balance is 4x better at moisture management making it the best pyjamas for night sweats