Help your baby sleep better

Find out why Metro recommends Dagsmejan as the best products to help your baby sleep.

"This baby sleepwear is ‘scientifically proven’ to help your baby sleep better.

100% natural and sustainable, the collection has been developed to ensure that your baby is kept at the optimum temperature through the night.

The Stay Warm baby sleep suits are perfect for winter, with the fabric made from a blend of merino wool and Eucalyptus fibres.

The material itself is super light, and thin – but it’s just as warmer as heavier fabrics, while not allowing overheating to happen.

They also come with little matching hats, to keep your baby’s head warm and help regulate their temperature."

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The most comfortable pyjamas in the world

Dagsmejan not only offer ideal sleep solutions for babies but also for the whole family. Find your ideal match to improve on your sleep comfort and quality. 

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most comfortable pyjamas

The balance collection

Are you hot and cold at night? Then the balance collection of temperature regulating pjs are you match made in heaven. 6x more breathable than cotton they offer unrivalled moisture management. That's what makes them the best pyjamas for night sweats and also ideal as menopause nightwear.

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merino wool pyjamas

The stay warm collection

Combining eucalyptus with super-fine merino wool this collection of thermal nightwear provide featherlight warmth, without you ever overheating. Merino wool pyjamas have many benefits for our sleep; wool is naturally exceptionally good at temperature regulation and anti-bacterial. The super fine merino used in Dagsmejan's thermal pyjamas is also super-soft on the skin and ideal all year around but particularly cozy in the colder seasons. 

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cooling pyjamas

The stay cool collection

Always hot at night? Then this collection of ultra-light, smooth cooling sleepwear is your match made in heaven. 8x more breathable than cotton our eculayptus sleepwear dries in 1/3 of the time. 

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