Helping mums and babies to sleep better

Maternity buyer highlights how Dagsmejan's brand new collection of maternity nightwear and baby pyjamas solve many of the common sleep problems:



There are many stages in life when we struggle to find the sleep quality we need and deserve. Maternity is one important phase when many women don’t get the restorative sleep they would like and for newborns, sleeping through the night is often a major challenge.

One of the most common root causes of bad sleep is the body not being at the correct temperature.

Over 3/4 of pregnant women report having sleep problems during their pregnancy due to hormonal changes as well as finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Furthermore, after giving birth, the baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule puts even more stress on the mother’s sleep rhythm and continued hormonal fluctuations make it difficult to keep the best temperature for sleep.

Around 1/3 of babies experience a disrupted sleeping pattern. While there are many reasons why babies don’t sleep well, feeling too hot or too cold is one common root cause as babies are not as adaptable as adults to temperature changes. A baby’s body surface is about three times greater than an adult’s, compared to the weight of his/her body. Babies can lose heat rapidly, as much as 4x more quickly than adults. For that reason, babies can start to shiver during the night, but also easily overheat
when wrapped too warmly.

Combining the very finest natural fibres with the latest textile technologies, Dagsmejan of Switzerland has created a new kind of functional sleepwear, catering to the distinct needs of pregnant women, new mothers and babies. All items are natural, sustainable & scientifically tested.

Dagsmejan’s Maternity collection is designed to support you from the first day of pregnancy throughout nursing. Designed to grow and retract with you and with built-in nursing possibilities you can experience the ultimate sleep comfort through every phase of maternity. With expandable waistbands, flat ergonomic seams and a tagless design there is nothing to rub you the wrong way. The collection uses NATTWELLTM fabric, which is 6x more breathable, 4x better in moisture wicking ensuring and 2x softer than cotton, ensuring that you keep the best temperature for sleep and always enjoy the smoothest comfort

Dagsmejan’s Baby collection is developed to ensure that your baby is kept at the optimum temperature for sleep throughout the night and never gets too hot or too cold. It’s designed so that each size can be used for 3-6 months with the help of expandable sleeves and legs.


The baby collection is available in two versions:

  • Balance Baby uses NATTWELLTM fabric, which is 6x more breathable, 4x better in moisture wicking ensuring and 2x softer than cotton. This collection is ideal all-year around to keep the best temperature for sleep.
  • Stay Warm Baby uses NATTWARMTM fabric, a blend of the finest merino wool and Eucalyptus fibres. This collection offers ultra-light, breathable warmth ensuring that your baby stays comfortably warm without ever overheating. 4x more breathable than cotton, 2x softer and as warming as other fabrics up to 50% heavier.
    The Baby Collection The baby collection includes a sleep overall, a long sleeved body and a cap in 5 colours and 3 sizes covering from 0-12 months. Prices range from £15 to £45.
  • The Maternity Collection includes a nightdress, long sleeve top & pants in 3 colours in sizes S-XL. Prices range from £77 – £100.


Discover how you can sleep better with Dagsmejan's super soft and breathable nursing nightwear and baby sleepsuits.


From the first day of pregnancy throughout nursing these maternity and nursing pyjamas will keep you in the ideal climatic comfort zone. By combining natural fibres with patented technology this collection is 6x more breathable than cotton and 4x better are regulating moisture so post partum night sweats or night sweats pregnancy is no longer a challenge. 


Wondering how to get baby to sleep? With Dagsmejan's super soft and breathable baby sleepsuits pyjamas you child will keep the ideal sleeping temperature for longer, Choose between our Balance baby sleepsuits and Stay warm baby pyjamas.