Dagsmejan: a sleepwear upgrade

Find out why why Hello! Magazine featured Dagsmejan among the best sleepwear brands for summer pyjamas!

"The best sleepwear sets you can buy right now"

"Dagsmejan's cooling pyjamas for women are softer than silk, cooler than linen and better moisture management than cotton. Never worry about overheating or night sweats even as the temperature rises"

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best cooling pajamas

Discover the ultimate cool sleep comfort with the Dagsmejan's cooling sleepwear and never worry again about being too warm at night: 

Women's cooling pyjamas

- Cooling sleep tank top for women

- Cooling sleep t-shirt for women

- Cooling pyjamas shorts for women

- Cooling nightgown

Men's cooling pyjamas

- Cooling pyjamas t-shirt for men

- Cooling pyjamas shorts for men