Sleep well when you travel

Lonely planet writes about how to sleep better when travelling and enhance Dagsmejan moisture wicking pyjamas as an essential part of your travel kit. Read the full Dagsmejan review below and find out why they name Dagsmejan the best pyjamas for travel: 

"Be cognizant of the temperature

Considering we spend 30-odd years on average in bed, comfort is key and much of that is down to the right bedding, pyjamas and blankets and the temperature of your room and body.

Temperature can have a bigger impact on our sleep than light and for the best night’s sleep we need to be thermo-neutral, neither too hot or cold with an optimal room temperature of 65-68 degrees – relatively cool to allow our core temperature to drop.

A cosy blanket can help you fall asleep, but it can also raise your body temperature. Instead, Robbins swears by sleepwear brand Dagsmejan, made from fine natural fabrics that help regulate your body temperature ­and avoid those nasty night sweats."  

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