Smart sleepwear

Find out why Boutique highlights Dagsmejan's smart sleepwear as their favorite for October:

"Smart sleepwear

Made from a luxurious blend of merino wool and lyocell, Dagsmejan's stay warm pyjamas keep the body at the optimum temperature for sleep. The brand's patented Nattwarm technology is also four times more breathable than cotton and twice as soft"

thermal pajamas


Discover your favorite Dagsmejan sleepwear

Each collection is developed to meet your individual sleep needs to help you sleep deeper and longer whether you are looking for most comfortable women's pyjamas or the best mens pyjamas.

Stay warm sleepwear

This collection of merino sleepwear will keep you dreaming sweeetly comfortably warm without overheating. The collection of womens thermal pyjamas include both a wool nightgown as well as warm pjs. The mens thermal pyjamas collection include both short and long warm pyjamas.

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Balance sleepwear

6x more breathable than cotton this collection of moisture wicking pyjamas is the best pyjamas for night sweats. Ideal not only as menopause nightwear but for all stages of life this truly is best pyjamas for women. The collection of temperature regulating pyjamas is also the most comfortable sleepwear for men

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Stay cool sleepwear

Looking for pyjamas that keep you cool? Then look no further than Dagsmejan's collection of cooling pyjamas —8x more breathable than cotton this eucalyptus pyjamas dries in 1/3 of the time

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Super fine merino loungewear will help set you up for the coziest relaxation and the greatest sleep.

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