The Best Men's Pyjamas to Bring on Vacation

According to Condé Nast Traveler, Dagsmejan Stay Cool collection offers the best sleepwear to bring on vacation. 

"For those who like to keep it breezy overnight, these shorts from the Swedish-Swiss technical sleepwear brand are a godsend. The brand’s website claims the shorts are “eight times more breathable than cotton and dry in a third of the time.”

Manufactured from a proprietary fabric derived from eucalyptus fibers, the shorts come with a thick comfort waistband and flat seams for minimal friction. Pair them with the Dagsmejan short sleeve sleep shirt for the full effect." 

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best men's cooling pajamas

Dagsmejan's cooling pyjamas

Are your sleep often disturbed by being too hot at night, especially during the warmer summer months? With our NATTCOOL fabric, a unique structure of Microlyocell, you will experience sleepwear with ultra cooling, fast drying and breathable properties, to help even the warmest sleeper to achieve the perfect night temperature. 

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