The best natural sleep aids that'll knock you out cold!

Experts have shared the best natural sleep aids that'll knock you out cold in an article from Men's Journal:

"Dagsmejan Stay Cool Collection Sleep Shorts
Didn't think a solid pair of PJs could do it for ya on the sleep-enhancement front? Think again.

- As the body's nighttime temperature is critical to achieving optimal sleep, changing your sleepwear can be a quick fix." says Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D., sleep researcher and co-author of Sleep for Success! (Disclaimer: She's on the Dagsmejan Scientific Advisory Board.) While some materials are restrictive and can increase your body temperature, choosing highly breathable sleepwear with natural fibers, like Tencel from eucalyptus, can go a long way toward healthier sleep.

These shorts are approximately eight times more breathable than cotton." 

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cooling pajamas

Sleep better with cooling sleepwear

Stay cool all night with Dagsmejan's cooling pyjamas — 8x more breathable than cotton, dries in 1/3 of the time and is better at realizing vapor, so that you can stay fresh and comfortable all night long.