The best places to buy men's pyjamas

Read why Insider thinks that Dagsmejan is the best provider of cool(ing) and cozy pyjamas for men: 

"The Swedish sleepwear company Dagsmejan worked with Swiss materials engineers and sleep scientists to reinvent pyjamas from the bottoms up.

Dagsmejan uses natural fibers like wool and eco-friendly fabrics derived from eucalyptus to produce sleepwear geared towards how individuals sleep—hot, cold, or somewhere in-between with the promise of a better night's sleep.

Their fabrics are custom-made, requiring the "most advanced knitters" only found in Europe, according to Andreas Lenzhofer, the Dagmejan's co-founder with Catarina Dahlin. Besides the material needs, European production is in line with the company's sustainability and ethical goals, like lowering carbon emissions from reduced transportation, high protection for workers, and the ability for the company to more easily control and enforce quality standards. 

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For the Stay Warm collection, Dagsmejan took an already great insulator, Merino wool, and combined it with Tencel, made from eucalyptus tree pulp, to create a product that's great at keeping you warm without being bulky. They are really light, yet provide a lot of warmth. Over the week of testing them, I didn't track any discernible difference in my sleep patterns. Although, during the winter I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night cold (we keep the thermostat at 60 degrees) and since using these pjs that hasn't happened yet. 

Besides the Stay Warm pyjamas, the company also has a line of cooling sleepwear called Stay Cool that incorporates another eucalyptus-based fabric, Microlyocell. The fabric is more breathable than cotton and better at wicking away moisture. The collection includes a short-sleeve top and shorts. The Balance collection, made from beechwood fiber, helps maintain your body temperature throughout the night and comes in both long and short sleeve tops and pants and shorts. 

What to buy according to Insider: 

merino pajamas

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Stay Cool Sleep Shorts 

summer sleepwear


Balance Sleep Pants Cuff 

breathable sleepwear


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Balance - the collection for you if you are hot and cold at night 

Sometimes hot at night, sometimes cold at night, we've all been there. A temperature that goes up and down has not only a negative impact on our sleep but can also disturb us and cause us to wake up during the night. For that reason, we have developed our Balance collection - our moisture wicking and temperature regulating sleepwear, specifically designed to help you stay in the ideal climatic comfort zone. 

Stay cool - the collection for you who want to stay cool all night 

Being hot at night is one of the most common sleep disturbing factors. Our Stay Cool collection takes care of this issue - made from Eucalyptus fibers that are 8x more breathable than cotton. 

Stay warm but not overheat with our merino wool sleepwear  

In a luxurious combination of Lyocell from Eucalyptus and ultra-fine merino wool, our Stay Warm collection helps you keep the perfect, cozy temperature. 

 Recovery - the collection that helps you recover during the night

With this unique fabric - 100% natural Microlycell fibers from eucalyptus mixed with energizing minerals - you will wake up and feel truly recovered.