Hot and cold at night? New York Lifestyles Magazine loves the Dagsmejan thermal nightwear as their top gift for 2019

Of life’s interesting factoids, the need for a good night’s sleep tops the list. At Dagsmejan, this means sleep and relaxation-wear that homes in on comfort through fit, softness, and (drum roll, please) temperature. And so the company came up with three categories for their tops, bottoms and sleep dresses: Stay Cool, Stay Warm, and Balance (my five-star choice). Scientifically proven to encourage deeper and longer sleep through natural fabrics, including Nattwell™ made European beech wood, this sleepwear is, in a word, unparalleled. And, since sleepwear can be decidedly personal, there’s always the Dagsmejan gift cards."

Dagsmejan test New York Lifestyles Magazine