The solution for hot sleepers

Find out why the Quality Edit highlights Dagsmejan as the most comfortable women's pyjamas for hot sleepers:

“If you're weird about fabrics and a hot sleeper like I am, this sleep dress is the thing you need. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and feels so nice against the skin. And there are leg slits so you don't feel like you're in a cocoon! Plus: No itchy tags, minimal friction fabric, and I kid you not--the dress is so nice you could get away with wearing it out and about during the day (no one will know it's sleepwear!).” -Kaleigh

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Dagsmejan is developed to match your individual sleep needs, to help you to sleep better in a totally natural and sustainable way. Find your ideal sleep solution

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breathable pajamas

The balance collection

This collection of moisture wicking pyjamas is ideal if you tend to get hot and cold at night. 6x more breathable than cotton and with 4x better moisture managment it truly is the best pyjamas for night sweats.

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merino sleepwearThe stay warm collection

Looking for a thermal pyjamas to keep you warm without overheating? Then this collection featuring the finest merino wool paired with eucalyptus fibres are your ideal match. 

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cooling pajamas

The stay cool collection

Hot at night? Then this collection of featherlight, breathable sleepwear if your dream come true. 8x more breathable than cotton it's the ideal pyjamas for hot flashes and night sweats. 

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