The most luxurious nights sleep we’ve ever had

Well Professor, a group of medical professionals, scientists, academics and tech specialists, tested our merino sleepwear to find out just how comfortable and effective our thermal nightwear is:

The Verdict

"We were surprised and very impressed with the comfort of the Dagsmejan sleepwear range. In fact, it was the most luxurious nights sleep we’ve ever had. Did they improve our sleep? It’s hard to tell exactly but the science behind Dagsmejan is persuasive and there is no doubt that the world of smart fabrics has much to offer when it comes to sleep enhancement. So, what you wear to bed really does matter, and you can start right away by adding a pair of Dagsmejans to your Christmas list."

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"You’ve probably heard of the importance of good sleep hygiene by now, and how we really should remember not to take our iPad with us to bed, amongst other sensible sleep habits. But what about our nighttime attire? Do we give the same level of thought to what we actually wear when we are sleeping?

According to research, we choose a variety of garments to sleep in, with some intriguing choices. A study of 1200 UK adults revealed that whilst 37% of us opt for pyjamas, 23% of us sleep in our underwear and 19% choose shorts and t-shirt, others prefer onesies, hoodies and even tracksuits. So which is best? Well, we’re actually asking the wrong question. What we should be asking is, what is it made from? And maybe the answer to this question holds one of the keys to solving our collective sleeping woes in the U.K.

So, can the quality of sleepwear material really affect the way you sleep? We put Dagsmejan sleepwear to the test to find out. And we were surprised by what we found.

What is Dagsmejan Sleepwear?

Dagsmejan is a new type of sleepwear that supports your optimum body temperature during the night, so you sleep soundly and wake up fresh and raring to go. No more overheating or cold shivers, just the right temperature for great sleep. All night long.

Following extensive research and testing of over 100 different fibres and fibre combinations in order to find the ultimate sleep material, the experts behind Dagsmejan had to create something entirely new; A functionalised fibre’ named Nattwell. Developed by coating natural beech wood fibre in a highly moisture regulating material, this super fibre became capable of absorbing up to 50% of its own weight in moisture, whilst still feeling completely dry. Advanced knitting techniques and technology then completed the process, and the Dagsmejan sleepwear range came to life.

How does Dagsmejan Sleepwear work?

Sleep is fundamental to our health and essential for repair and recovery from our daily lives. But there are obstacles that must be overcome if we are to achieve great quality sleep. And one such obstacle is the changes that occur in our body temperature during a typical night. In fact, temperature is one of the most important influences on our sleep-wake rhythm, and disturbance to this cycle has a particularly negative affect on the quality of sleep we experience.

Why is temperature so important?

During the course of the night, our core body temperature drops until it is approximately one degree below the temperature when we are awake. Then, from around four o'clock in the morning, our body temperature begins to rise again, as it prepares for waking up. Any disturbance in this natural temperature regulation can lead to frequent waking during the night, waking too early in the morning, and poor quality sleep in general.

The four ways Dagsmejan sleepwear maintains your perfect body temperature and is vastly superior to conventional pyjamas:

  1. Breathability: Dagsmejan supports natural changes in body temperature during the night, allowing excess heat to escape, whilst protecting against the cold.
  2. Moisture regulation: Dagsmejan removes any excess moisture away from your body so you don’t become too cold when you sweat during the night. Dagsmejan’s clever design means they remain dry in the process too.
  3. Haptics: Dagsmejan’s has been expertly designed to avoid skin irritation that can be caused by clothing pressure points and friction.
  4. Comfort: Supremely comfortable, Dagsmejan allow you maximum freedom of movement during the night.

The Lab User Test:

Presentation and quality: Even though there is science to back up the technology of how the Dagsmejan sleep products work, they are essentially a pair of pyjamas so set up is pretty easy! They come in a beautifully presented box, as you would expect for the price, and everything about them feels premium. We tested a pair of the long sleeve / knee length pyjamas in light pink for ladies (stay warm category) and the short sleeve, short bottoms in blue for men (balance category).

The quality is outstanding and the fine Merino wool looks and feels very luxurious to wear. The fit was also good and the sizing guide on the Dagsmejan website is pretty accurate. They feel loose and comfortable when worn but not baggy either. After several washes nothing shrunk and the pyjamas kept their lovely, premium feel.

User Experience: So what are they like to sleep in? Both the men and women in the Well Professor team that tested them found they did get a good sleep, the men feeling pretty cool throughout the night and the ladies warm. Not once did anyone wake up in the morning and feel like they had sweated a lot in their Dagsmejan pyjamas.

Note that we did make sure that the temperature in the room was optimum for sleeping (16-18 degrees C). It is very hard to say as a user if the pyjamas were the true cause of such a good sleep but they are really great products. Several compliments from family members also mean that the Dagsmejan pyjamas are quite often used for lounging around the house as well as they really do look and feel good."

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