5 ways to sleep better this summer

Summer time is finally here. With all the joy that the light and warmth give us there is a downside though, we tend to sleep worse. Find out how you can make sure you sleep well even as the temperature rises and have a great summer ahead!

Why we often sleep worse in the summer and 5 ways to sleep better

A few factors can make sleeping well difficult during the summer. In particular increased temperatures and light, allergies and change of habits. Find out what you can do to sleep better. 

  1. Temperatures are rising

    • Sleep challenge: as the temperature rises the nights are getting hotter and stickier. This can really make sleeping well very difficult, in particular if our sleepwear isn’t breathable and cooling. This means that we don’t sleep as deeply as we would normally and can wake up feeling tired.
    • Sleep solution: Keep your drapes closes during the day and your window open night time. If your room still is too hot you can hang a wet sheet in the window, the water will evaporate during the night creating a cooler sleeping environment. Dagsmejan sleepwear also working with evaporative cooling as well as moisture wicking to help cool you down. With our ultra-light, breathable sleepwear you can keep the best temperature for sleep even when the temperature rises.
  2. It’s light and bright

    • Sleep challenge: the increased light during the day is great for keeping our sleep-wake cycle on track and the sun light stimulates our body’s vitamin D production. Vitamin D supports our health and our immune system and helps us to feel energized throughout the day. Bright evenings can make falling asleep difficult and bright mornings can wake us up too early.
    • Sleep solution: When it gets darker our melatonin level rises signalling to the brain that it’s time to go to bed. Try to reduce light before bed time with sun glasses or closing drapes/ shades. Invest in some good light blocking drapes and/ or a sleep mask that blocks the light but releases the body heat so you don’t overheat during the night.
  3. We enjoy some late night meals

    • Sleep challenge: as the sun sets later we tend to stay out longer and eat later during the summer than in the winter time. However, eating heavy meals late can make sleeping well difficult as our metabolism is fully at work throughout the night.
    • Sleep solution: if you still want to enjoy those late evening meals try to eat a heavier lunch and keep your dinner light. Try to stop drinking alcohol a few hours before going to bed. For an extra boost you can try some snooze food, like for example food that contain melatonin such as olives, tomatoes, walnuts and cherries.
  4. Allergies

    • The sleep challenge: spring and summer is a season of allergies for many which can lead to breathing problems during the night as well as cough, itchy eyes etc.
    • Sleep solution: if allergies are bothering you keep the windows shut throughout the day and night and make sure to wash your bed sheets and sleepwear weekly. By showering before you go to bed you can help to lower your body heat and get rid of any pollen on your body.
  5. Vacation rhythm

    1. The sleep challenge: as summer starts vacation is closing in on us. Many of us are getting into the vacation rhythm of going to bed later and getting up later during the weekends. However, if we still are working this can make sleeping during the work week more difficult
    2. The sleep solution: try to keep your sleep schedule also during the summer and vacation times. This makes it much easier to sleep well and will give you the energy to enjoy the bright months ahead!

Sleep better with temperature regulating sleepwear

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